DBTY question

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  1. Do any of you wear multiple DBTY necklaces at one time? I wear a single one and one that has 5 diamonds together everyday. I was thinking of adding another single one. Do you think that is overload?? LOL thanks!
  2. I think it would be a really fun look. Also, it's not like you have to be committed to it all the time. You could just wear 1-2-or 3 at a time too.
  3. Does anyone's chains get all tangled up when you wear more than one together? I tried wearing two at a time and they were constantly tangled and drove me crazy.
  4. Ya..they are tangled up..but I just deal with it.
  5. I wear the platinum/sapphire and the platinum/5 diamond everyday. They get tangled, but doesn't bother me. I want to add a longer one next. I call it the sprinkle, with the different sizes of diamonds? I think adding a longer one would help make it look not as busy?

    HTH! :flowers: