DBTY .03 Neclace Reveal

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  1. #1 Mar 25, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2016
    Well, she is small but boy, buying a Tiffany diamond offsets the size...super white & sparkly looking!

    I got a great deal on it used as the clasp was broken & chain tarnished. My local T&Co sent it off to NYC for free to get fixed and shined up! She looks like new!!

    I actually was a little sheepish about bringing it in, worried they'd sort of shun me for buying it used but they treated me as if I had bought it from their store that day. They also offered to clean all the jewelery I had on (Tiffany earrings and stacked bracelets) for free. I had wondered if they really were cleaning for free now and my store absolutely did.

    I will say, I did buy a little something while I was there so it did work out nicely for them as well. Hehe Reveal on that soon...

    Also, when I went back to pick up my necklace after it had been fixed, I wore completely different T&Co jewelry and she offered to clean those too. She also checked my gemstones on my CBTY bracelet and my Sparkler necklace. I should have been having it checked yearly over the years and never did... So the whole experience made me want to continue to go back and take care of my jewelry better (I do use their cleaner at home but getting it steamed is even better).

    Such a fun everyday piece! I love that I can wear it w/ anything...

  2. Congratulations! Your dbty Looks Great!!! Would like to have one as my next piece from Tiffany. I am happy you like The 0.03, as this and the 0.05 would be in my Budget ;)
  3. Congrats on your DBTY. Please reveal your new piece from the boutique.
  4. I did go compare the .03 with the .05 in the store because I heard that there is not much difference but there IS imo. I think that the .05 was really nice and definitely an upgrade from .03.
  5. Will do! Thanks so much for looking!!
  6. Thanks sharing your thoughts! Did not see them IRL. Have to wait for my Birthday middle of April :smile:

    Look also forward for your reveal!
  7. Wow the 0.03 looks so large for its size!

  8. I'll try to take some closer up pics... I think that the nice thing about these DBTYs when you are getting the smaller size they can seem larger because of the silver bezel around the diamond. It glimmers and reflects light just like the diamond does so it appears that the whole thing is larger probably... :biggrin:
  9. Can't wait to see your bday reveal too! Exciting! :Partyhat:
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458953476.894683.jpg

    .03 compared to a penny.

    And DARN, I just realized I spelled necklace wrong in the title..... ugh, that's what I get for posting from my phone... :rolleyes:
  11. WOW that looks like a nice size! I want something dainty like this myself. Is yours silver?
  12. I hope you are able to get one... I am wearing it every day!

    It's actually really small... the smallest they have, but I am loving it. Very dainty, like you said. Yes, it's the silver... Thanks for looking at my reveal! :smile:
  13. It looks perfect! Is it sparkly at that size? I want just a shimmer at my neck. I want to sleep in it, shower in it, work out in it, etc. I have a mini bean I wear now like that but it's too big.

  14. So, about wearing it all the time.... When I first got mine, the clasp was not opening/shutting well (mine was used & the clasp barely could close) but what was shocking was that I was trying it on and the clasp just literally broke off from the chain. I think it broke where the chain is soldered to the round part of the clasp.

    I was able to get it fixed via T&Co sending it off to NY. I do wear mine daily but not in shower (tarnishes so quickly) and not at night (afraid Ill get my fingers caught in it & pull it accidentally). I do work out in it!

    I have noticed when I go to pull at my scarf or my sweatshirt, for example, I accidentally grab the necklace. It hasnt broke but it feels like I could very easily rip it off. Im not sure if this would just apply to just the sterling silver one that I have but it feels very dainty & light!! The chain its self is really thin... Which makes it so lovely but on the downside maybe it also means its not as sturdy as a thicker chain.

    Maybe its just because mine easily broke right after I got it but I am very careful w/ this piece. Maybe I will loosen up about it over time... ??
  15. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459099504.438164.jpg

    Getting ready to workout w/ my DBTY!

    Yes, I do catch it sparkling. Standing in front of the mirror, moving a little, it twinkles and winks but it is very small. Like a little glint of light at my throat. :biggrin: I can also see the bezel reflecting light!

    Of course, the larger you can go up in diamond the more sparkle you'd get.
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