DB's little updated starter men's collection

  1. Still expanding my small little family, i sold one of my balenciaga messengers on ebay, and bought a balenciaga coin purse, and i got STEALS on ebay - a kenneth cole messenger for $25 and a Rafe New York messenger for $20! :yahoo::yahoo:

    My favorite children:
    000 bag collection final 011.jpg

    the grandparents:
    000 bag collection final 013.jpg

    Stolen new borns:
    000 bag collection final 015.jpg

    The whole family:
    000 bag collection final 017.jpg

    I'm taking a break on the bags for now, tho a balenciaga courier might be in the plans for summer :graucho:
  2. very nice!!
  3. Great collection! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice collection!
  5. Thanks for sharing with us! :P
  6. good buys. enjoy!
  7. soo nice!! Congrats on the cute family!
  8. Nice collection!!!
  9. Congratulations.
  10. Very nice :smile:
  11. very nice collection-lovely balenciaga coin purse!! thanks for sharing!!
  12. nice collection!
  13. Love the children and the Coaches!
  14. Very cute!!
  15. Neat!