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  1. Hi ladies -

    I'm looking for a couple of things. My girlfriend has no real jewelry to speak of, particularly for casual accessorizing. This issue needs to be handled, post-haste of course.

    Her favorite color is purple, she doesn't like gold (of the yellow variety). I'd like to get a couple items for her in the way of a necklace and perhaps a couple of bangles. Any suggestions?
  2. You did not mention a price range, so if money is a non issue, I would say get her a tanzanite (purple)necklace/pendant set in white gold or platinum :yes:
  3. Sorry, I thought it but didn't type it.

    I'd say approximately 1000 dollars when all is said and done, though of course.. if something is stunning but slightly outside of the price range, I'll have no choice but to get it anyways.

    Any particular recommendations? I like the Frank Gehry Orchid collection at T&Co; I was considering a pair in sterling for dressier occasions.
  4. There are several independent designers who frequent this forum (i.e. Japster) who create fantastic pieces that are great for 'casual' wear. Or have something designed just for her (a one of a kind piece) for something super special.

    I love your price range! LOL Lucky girlfriend!!!
  5. Amethysts are very pretty purple gemstones. Maybe you could look at a pendant necklace set in a simple white gold setting and a set of matching stud earrings?

    She's a lucky girl to have a caring, generous boyfriend!