DB - D*** Boyfriend


Feb 24, 2006
What do you girls think, I was at the mall looking into this new cell phone service that would be better for our talking needs (we always go over our minutes). He seems to be agreeing then he has the audacity to say "I could probably get a discount""liz works there"- uhhh his ex girlfriend, what a jerk, what do you think I shoud do?help!!!:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
HELL YEAH.... give him a dose of his own f****n medicine! do something like :"oh hunnie, ________ came over today and helped me fix my laptop for free, wasn't that sweet of him....?"
was it a bad breakup? I don't think he was out of line as long as there is not some terrible history with this girl and you that we should know about...and if so, bad, bad bf!
I honestly wouldn't care that much.. If it bothers you, just tell him that instead of trying to get back at him. I'm sure he's a nice guy since you're with him, so he'll understand and won't mention her again. I really think he was trying to help you.
If he mentions an ex in a utilitarian way, that means just that. Just tell him it makes you uncomfortable or whatever, instead of getting mad. He is trying to help you by getting a good deal.
Guys tend to get practical like that. He doesn't even think anything bad about it, the girl's there for nothing but to get mooched off of. Go for it, exploit her for what she's worth. ;)