Dazzling Gifts of Jewelry and Watches *pics*

  1. Not sure if this can top my "Best Bling" thread but here goes:

    The Family Heirloom
    No doubt, you want a personalized gift that doesn't involve stressful or time consuming purchasing situations. Ankur Daga, chief executive of Angara, an online luxury jeweler, has set out to make the shopping experience easy. One of the most coveted items is the two-strand golden South Sea cultured pearl necklace. "It is very rare that you would see a necklace like this," says Daga. "The pearls are all the same golden color and are the same shape. This is a work of art."

    The Piece Unique
    93% of very wealthy households (earning over $10 million) has purchased luxury goods online over the last 12 months, according to a survey by the New York-based Luxury Institute. ChicSHERLOCK, an accessories Web site created by former accessories editor Alia Ahmed- Yahia, specializes in rare and hard-to-find pieces of jewelry. Her favorites include this cocktail ring with a 3.5-carat Gioia iolite center and 8.99 carats of pave pink sapphires.

    The New Twist On Time
    The Cartier Pasha watch has a long and admirable history. But recently, the jewelry house updated the classic and introduced the Cartier Pasha Seatimer. This watch has similar characteristics to the Pasha, but has added details like a bezel around the face to give it a sportier look.

    The Conversation Starter
    Rarely does a piece of jewelry make its way from a big screen debut to the mass market. But the platinum and ruby Karen Karch earrings featured in the new movie Deja Vu practically outshine Denzel Washington. Karch designed these chic, avant guarde earrings that resonated with directors Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer.

    To Pass From Father To Son
    Gift giving, like the holidays, is rooted in tradition. What better way to celebrate than to give a watch that will be relevant for generations to come. The Patek Phillipe Calatrava says "understated elegance," and will never go out of style.


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    The Elegant Sports Watch
    $5,800 (for women)
    Elegance and athleticism do go together. The Sintra Jubilee by Rado combines the sparkle of diamonds with a scratch-proof case band made of high-tech ceramic--the same materials that NASA uses for space shuttle tile. Bump it, abrade it, take a sushi knife to this watch—it will emerge without a scratch. Which means it's also tough enough for the board room and tennis court.

    The Traditional Look
    Sometimes one beautifully crafted, tasteful piece speaks louder than several smaller jewels. This LEIBER cuff in green tourmaline can speak for itself. LEIBER's foray into jewels was met with praise—not surprising when you see this intricate bracelet, with five green tourmaline gemstones and 530 round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.

    The Not So Traditional Look
    Starting at $27,000
    Diamonds are the way to almost anyone's heart, but traditional cuts in hearts and emerald can be banal. Diamonds in the Rough founder Daniel Eskapa uses natural shapes to create unusual jewelry that doesn't compromise when it comes to beauty. The necklace features five natural rough diamonds totaling 27.27 carats They are accented with 1.27 carats of micro pave detailing and set in 18-karat yellow gold. (Also available in white gold.)

    The All-Season Timepiece
    Like jewels, watches fall into two general categories: subtle or not. The Piaget Miss Protocole XL watch was created to reflect the change in seasons, with each design featuring a display of flowers and plants (cherry blossoms for spring, bamboo for summer) and a cuff design that looks more like a bracelet.

    The Fashion Forward Watch
    Enamel combined with snakeskin? With the Milus Eridana watch, named for constellation Eridanus, it works. This piece mixes materials such as 18-karat gold, leather and brilliant-cut diamonds to create a cheetah pattern that is distinctive yet elegant.

  3. i love the all season watches but the price is :shocked: so if I want all of them it would be $248,000.. yikes!!!
  4. The All Seasons watch is such a great idea! I want one, but it's just a tad expensive.
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