DAZZLED into submission!

  1. i've been resisting the urge to buy one ever since they came out. i know it'll be one of those things i'd rarely use. i thought reason have won over frivolity for once. but my evil SA rang to tell me he's ordered one especially for me...


    i could've bought a pair of LV shoes or sunglasses for about the same. but what the heck, it's LoVe :love:
  2. Haha it's awesome. Good on you for giving into temptation :p maybe some modelling pics?
  3. tee hee. congrats mr. duck! :smile:
  4. here ya go:

    looks good on fur too:

    my SA suggested i pin on my bag, but im not sure about it though:
  5. This is just deliciously DECADENT :nuts::love:

    Amazing DD!! Wonderful as always, I think I love your SA.
  6. Lovely!!!...can i ask the price of this beauty?
  7. I love it! Looks fab with the fur. Congrats!
  8. Congrats!!!! LOVE IT
  9. thanks guys!

    it's AU$765 :push:
  10. Now THAT is fabulous!!!
  11. ouch duck, pricey but V nice!!! I like it on your blazer/top the best!
  12. Oh my god, it's so fab. Are those crystals?
  13. :yes: they're Swarovski crystals.
  14. I think it looks amazing against your black jacket! Congrats!
  15. very nice!