dazed and confused

  1. That's what I am now that I have my brand-spankin' new black patent mid size downtown tote. I absolutely adore this bag. As I inspected it when it arrived, my teenage son happened to walk by. He couldn't help but nose around, haha! He asked me where I got it from, and who makes it. When I asked him about it's cool factor, he said on a scale of 1-10, he rates it a 10.5-11. According to him it looks like a rockstar bag, hehe!!

    So my problem is this...I so loooove this bag I feel like I want to purchase a tribute tote as well(not to mention the Balenciaga giant city brief I've been eyeing since spring). And suddenly my LV's feel a tad tired and uhm, well, common :sad:. I don't wanna be rash and sell off my LV collection(mostly travel carry-ons) but...the thought is slowly creeping up on me.

    I want to have a classic handbag collection with a hip factor to it. I wanna pull out these bags and amble around with them until I'm old and grey. Someday I want my daughter to be able to say "Mom, this is awesome, can I borrow it please?" (I have some nylon Prada messengers, a structure Tod's city handbag, a Pucci canvas handbag, a Gucci cruise tote, a number of Celine's iconic bags, not to mention the verstaile Longchamp les pliages totes, and the aforementioned mono LVs--boite flacons, musette, alize 24 heures, carryall)

    What do you ladies think :confused1:?
  2. If your LV's are mostly luggage i'd definitely keep them, they are classic and though i'm no fan of monogram or most LV handbags, i ADORE their luggage! (and hey, i'm 18.. and uhh.. hip! haha) I'd love a Keepall 50 in Damier Azur myself.. or maybe just the classic Damier.. either way! :smile:
  3. thanks Sammydoll, that's how I got started on my luggage LVs anyway. I also thought they're classic, not to mention a chic way to travel. Even my musette and large zip travel wallet I only pull out to use when I'm going on a trip, just to tie the look with my carry-on luggage.

  4. :woohoo:Congrats on your new patent downtown tote! Hope to see pics!

    I don't know what to say about the other bags...I'm not into LV monogram stuff. :shrugs:
  5. thanks gr8heart!
  6. Congrats on your new bag and you're lucky to have such a huge purse collection. After reading your post, I'm not exactly sure what you are dazed and confused about. are you thinking about selling the LV collection so you can get the tribute tote and the balenciaga bag and trying not to feel guilty about it? if you aren't sure, just keep it. the tribute is patent, so if you get it, you will have two patent purses, including your new downtown.
  7. Congrats on your new purchase! I think that luggage is always worth keeping. Maybe sell a handbag you don't use as often! I vote for the tribute, but I love bbags as well.
  8. Lorraine and Alice, thanks for the input!

    If Lorraine couldn't figure out my dilemna, then I'm more dazed and confused than I thought I was! HAHAHA!!! It's all you fault Lorraine, you look so fab in your pics with your tribute that I started rethinking if I even need my LVs anymore(which I only use for travel). I so want your bag! BTW I posted a reply on your thread re:my latest obsession.

    You guys rock :woohoo:!