Daytona ...

  1. Hi all , since the Daytona is such a hot watch among celebrities now.. I have to try it. These r the pictures I took. Show me ur daytonas too.. Hehe
  2. Panda
  3. Champagne dial
  4. I have them in all steel and in all gold. I had a steel and gold years ago. They are sort of like the ugly ducklings in the family. Most people want all steel or all gold, so years ago you used to be able to get a pretty good price on the steel and gold. But it might work well for you if you have a lot of jewelry some which is white metal (white gold/platinum) and some yellow gold. I would caution you about choosing the MOP dials. A friend of mine had one and hated it after a while. Its just not that easy to read the time with the MOP dials, particularly if its the black MOP. I like the Panda dial more than the MOPs.

    Good luck. Below is a quick photo of my one of my steel ones, before taking the plastic off the top of the bracelet attachment. Sorry not a great photo.

    The one below is the previous model in all gold.
  5. Thank u for ur advise. :smile: I also feel the panda dial look better on me. I m also curious that many celebrities either had the all gold or all steel. Unfortunately I don't have the budget to go all gold! And the weight of the all gold might be a problem too. Both ur daytonas r lovely. Ur so lucky to own TWO! :smile:
  6. Do u all really thinks the two tone is ugly? That is y even celebrities likes all gold or all steel. Haha.
  7. I think if you go with the two tone, and you pick the right dial (like the Panda), it can be a great look and very versatile. The Panda is nice because it also ties in a bit with the way their vintage Daytonas looked from the 1960s through the 1980s. If you go two tone, I would advise against a champagne, or grey dials. They are generally the least popular and have the worst resale value if you ever decide to sell or trade it.

    Also, on these watches, MOP or diamonds add to the cost of a new watch, but if you go to sell or trade, you will never get your money out of those upgrades.

    If you are buying it, buy because you like it. Not because celebs are wearing them...the celebs are actually a bit late to the party on this item. Demand used to be super high, such that years ago you could buy one brand new in SS, wear it a for a day or for few years and sell it and make a few thousand dollars. Not anymore. The economy tanked around 2008/09, Rolex increased production and pricing, and supply caught up to the demand so the secondary market is not what it used to be. They are still great watches. I really like mine a lot.
  8. the black MOP is a bit hard to read but the watch is so beautiful I don't care ;) I have it in the TT
  9. It sounds gorgeous! Can you post a picture?
  10. Would u all consider this ap roo over the Daytona?
  11. If I can figure out how - i typically don't do pics
  12. sorry it is the only pic I have and is blurry
  13. yes without a doubt...
  14. That is such a unique combination that you chose. I love all of the colors that show in the black mother of pearl :smile:

    I am debating between this and a TT 31mm Datejust. May I ask how much yours cost?
  15. Surely you cannot be serious about the two tones being the ugly ducklings. :lol: This is absolutely a matter of opinion, I think. I know several people who prefer the two tone - myself included. :biggrin:

    Here's mine for reference: