Daytime fall wedding - what to wear?

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  1. OK, help. I need serious advice. A coworker is getting married this October. The wedding is during the day, at noon, followed by a "luncheon reception". Many coworkers will be there, many of whom I feel a pathologic need to outshine. What in the hell do I wear? FYI, I live in Phoenix, so October daytime highs will be warm - 90+.
  2. I don't know what your style is, but this dress is so cute!
  3. I like that suggestion of a dress! Very nice...definitely something colorful (if you want to stand out) that fits your body type. Since it's during the day, I think you can get away with more casual and fun dresses!
  4. That Phoebe dress IS cute, I want one!

    A daytime fall wedding leaves you with the most possible options of any type of wedding, in my opinion, especially in a hot climate. I think the only thing you should not do is a formal evening gown, but you knew that! So how to whittle down the choices? Maybe figure out how exactly you wish to stand out - in terms of "stylishness", "money spent", "female attention" or "male attention"? Since this is a work-related event, I would keep in mind office politics when making your selection.
  5. love these:

    i could go on for days........:P
  6. ^^ Love the selection! I don't mean to hijack this thread but while we're on topic I also have a wedding at the end of Sept. The ceremony is at 2pm but the reception is at 6. I have an outfit I could wear at night but could I wear this kind of patterned dress during the ceremony (or the reception too!) or does it look too "spring" for a fall wedding? TIA!

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  7. I REALLY like this one! :tup:

  8. that looks cute p3bbz!
  9. Oooh......I really like this one, but a little pricey......

    This is totally me. But $575 is kinda steep.... but yes, something along these lines. I LOVE the long dress... it seems like everyone wears short dresses and I like to be different... the solid jersey ones are nice but don't seem special enough for a wedding.

    As for the kind of "attention", well, it is tough being that it's a work function. No super cleavage, no short hemlines (not that I would anyway)... and I'll be bringing my DH so I don't care about guys... it's mostly a competitive thing between me and my female coworkers... ha ha!!!

    Keep them coming everyone!
  10. ^^ That is one HOT dress! I love the colors!

    Nolarice, thank you! I guess I'll be wearing the dress for the daytime portion of the wedding. :smile:
  11. Bumpity bump... I still haven't found anything!!! And I really don't want to spend a lot of $$$... any new ideas?
  12. I reckon something like this Alice & Olivia dress would be fab:

  13. Love the Nicole Miller dress!