Daylight Savings...totally annoying?!?!

  1. Is it just me or is daylight savings, aka turn your clock ahead one hour, totally and utterly annoying? i'm one of those people who's constantly planning out my time and looking at the time in order to mentally plan out how much time i have for what...and now bam, it's like one hour gone for no reason! :cursing:

    it's probably especially irritating for procrastinators like myself...all day today i was looking at the clocks (before i changed them) and instinctively thinking, phew it's only 12, i have plenty of time...only to suddenly remember, nope it's 1 already!!! :push: ALL day today i kept feeling like i was constantly losing an hour....:sweatdrop:

    SO annoying or just me?? :yucky:
  2. So annoying!!!

  3. It's annoying to me because we don't do that in Taiwan.
    I really can't feel the savings.:shrugs:
  4. Yes-I cant fall asleep right now.
  5. I hate DST. Thankfully, Hawaii doesn't have DST.
  6. I don't care for it either. What's really weird though, or maybe not really :p is my computer didn't update the time like it usually does. Maybe microsoft didn't realize daylight savings changed to 2 weeks earlier now.
  7. I think it's totally POINTLESS! I've never understood it and I will never learn to like it. POINTLESS!!!
  8. ITA!!:cursing:
  9. yeah, it's actually a congress-imposed thing to move up DST 2 wks early, so none of the computers are programmed to update automatically. what's even weirder is that i updated my clock on my computer several times today, but it kept changing back one hour to the original time....eventually i just changed the server to which the comp clock verifies/updates with to the govt-run server, and it didn't change back again.....yet another annoyance!!:push:
  10. well, considering how much energy we're saving by going to bed "earlier," I think it's worth the annoyance...

    LOL.. I probably will change my mind tomorrow when I wake up earlier!
  11. It's annoying to computer clock keeps jumping backwards so I keep having to confirm the time with another clock then change it again. And this computer isn't old either.
    Ugh. It's especially annoying in the mornings too though, I get up early enough, I'd rather get up when it's light outside, not when it's dark. For me though (and a lot of others who get up early), it seems weird because by doing it, you use more energy earlier because you have to turn lights on when you wake up.
  12. I totally agree with you!
  13. still can't sleep-LOL!
  14. mine changed automatically.. and my comp is pretty ancient (according to today's standards at least).

    DST isn't that pointless if you spend 40+ hours of your day inside a building with no direct sunlight.. you sorta miss it. like today I got off work at 730pm, and went out to my car.. and the sun was still up.. that was nice. usually (in winter at least) when i get out.. it's dark at 4-5pm!!

    then i get the people that complain that i'm too pale. well hello.. if the sun was out longer then MAYBE i'd get some color. otherwise, i have to resort to tanning salons.. that i have a regular membership to. lol.

    i had no problems today at work.. we got a good show of security showing up at New Balance's door though for a good half hour waiting for someone to open their store.. lol.. they were late 30 minutes.. tsk tsk.. that's like a $3,000 fine by SCP right there. that sucks for them.. and someone's gonna be fired tomorrow that's for sure..

    the only "real" problem with it today, was figuring out where all our customers were. like.. "they were all having breakfast outside (gorgeous 85 degrees today and sunny and clear!) with their mimosas!" so the probability of having customers shop before 2pm was totally dismal. we were really just busy from 2p-6p.. and we close at 630. lol. i wonder how many people showed up to the mall at 7pm ish thinking it should still be open when it's actually been closed for half an hour already! lollll o man.
  15. I'm so glad I live in Arizona... no DST for us! :p