Jul 17, 2006
Hi ladies, does anyone know if the juicy coututre daydreamer tote is supposed to come with a dustbag, I got one from nordstosm for xmas but they did'nt include one.....did they forget or is it not suppoed to come with one?
Sep 22, 2006
I have a little story about Juicy bag and it's dustbag:smile:

I bought one at Juicy boutique at Caesar Palace's Mall in Vegas. When I picked up the bag, I saw there was a dustbag inside. I was w/ mom and we were still chatted - pointing this and that bags at that store - while we were in front of the cashier. When I paid my attention to the cashier and ready to pay, the bag was already wrapped and put in a nice Juicy shopping bag. I just paid and we left. It was quiet awhile as we stopped at other stores afterwards before stopped for drinks... and that was then when I found out that the dustbag was not in there. Of course, I ran back to the store and told them where was the dustbag. Told them I saw it there when checked out the bag. No hard guessing, they of course denied it and said that the bag didn't come w/ a dustbag. I insisted and - believe me - it took quiet awhile... til finally one salesperson went to the back door and came out w/ a dustbag... she said that one was an extra so they could give it to me.

Weird... why did they have to do that!? Took the dustbag out and stored them in the back???... jeez... It's like that they can sell the dustbags alone! Or, will they? :shrugs:

Bought one pouchette at Bloomies and it came w/ a dustbag. Bought one bag at Neiman and it also came w/ a dustbag. So, I think Juicy bags should come w/ their dustbags... so far all mine have. It's cute though... love the heart ties:smile:

And, here's my daydreamer (never been wear yet:smile:)


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