Daycare costs - I feel like I'm not paying enough...

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  1. Ok, it sounds strange but when I think about what our daycare provider does, I feel like I'm not paying her enough for what she does and feel bad. Her hours are 7 am - 6 pm and she charges $40/day. This includes lunch, snacks, his bottles and sometimes breakfast. DH drops our son off at around 8 and I pick up around 5 pm.
    Our son is in home daycare. She has 5 kids max but most days its 3 -4. When she has 5, she usually has one of the older kids she use to look after and they have a day off from school. She is so wonderful to our son and we consider her a part of our extended family. She does so much and has been such a positive influence in our son's life.

    So, I'm just wondering if there are others out there that feel the same way I do and what are others paying for daycare costs.
  2. wow..thats an INSANELY LOW AND FANTASTIC price...if u love her..just give her a REALLY nice holiday bonus check!

    PS-I pay 12 dollars an hour to my sitter that I get a break and run errands!LOL! u really have a great arrangemt!
  3. Huh, my friend pays $130 a week and I think that is highway robbery (for the day care provider, not for my friend) and my friend still complains how much day care costs. The provider comes to my friend's house too and is so amazingly nice.

    Anyway, if that is what she chooses to charge, who are you to argue? I would just give her really nice holiday and birthday bonuses!
  4. ^^Oh, and that price is for TWO children!
  5. I pay my "errand" sitters $10 an hour and for where I live most people look at me like :wtf:. I'm sure a lot has to do with the area you live in, etc. I know another part of it is the fact that I only have one kiddo and I'm so labor intensive with her that she seems like a handful, but to someone who has had multiple children it's no big deal. So if she's making $160 a day on something she may have done before it probably seems more than fair to her.
  6. I pay $100 a day for both kids and that is only from about 8-3 at MOST. Never much longer. Most times its 8-1.
  7. wow, i can understand u thinking she doesnt get enough, because she doesnt. :sad: i guess she just really genuinely enjoys being around children, which i dont blame her for! kids are great! but a handful.
    i am still taking care of my son since he is only 7 months, but when i go back to work, it will be only part time instead of full time so i can be around him more. my father will babysit for us free of charge. i have a gf though who pays $1,000 a month for her babysitting. so ur really lucky!
  8. ^^ but then OP pays around 900 per month so its not such a big difference.
  9. My daughter goes to a childminder 3 days a week from 9.30-5.15 an that cost me £445 so thats about 900ish i think. I would pay more.
    Don't forget she is getting $40 from all the parents so if she has 5 kids its $200plus a day not bad for childminder.
  10. Omg! what states do you all live in? My mom is a home daycare provider (in Illinois) and is state funded, meaning some of her clients are low income and their rates are paid by the states. She charges 19.50 a day for children older than 18 months I believe and 22.50 or three months olds-18 months. The states will only pay these rates, so that is what she charges. She is open from 6am-5:30 pm, and she even works on Saturdays and every other Sunday. I totally thinks she is underpaid, but she loves kids and her job!
  11. haha ur right! my math really sucks :sad: it just sounded like more the way it was put at 40/day and the $1000 month
  12. My DD is 14.5 months old and ive just recently gone back to work for 1.5 days per week, the daycare places ive been looking at are roughly $100 per day and if you work 5 days per week it can get pretty expensive, im very lucky that my PIL's look after my DD free of charge even though we are always offering to pay them but they say its their pleasure to look after her, we are going to give them money for holidays and extra gifts at birthdays, anniversarys and xmas, not that they need it but it makes me feel better.
  13. We pay 875 a month for a daycare center.
  14. i charge 10-15 an hour..i baby sit from my home and only deal with 1 kid at a time..
  15. I'm from England my daughter is also in full time daycare - I pay £650 ish a month.
    This is probably fairly expensive but I like the nursery & the staff. Over here it's pretty much you get what you pay for.
    You'll child care provider might be cheaper as she likes her job & does it for other reasons than money - also if you treat her well she might be giving you a differnt rate to the other parents.