DAY with GGH

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  1. i am a late bloomer and liked this GGH recently but is quite having a hard time finding one in the DAY style...perhaps some of you could help me out here

    have you seen one lately? pls let me know :biggrin: thanks!
  2. I also love GGH days too however they were discontinued last year. The only way to find one would be the auction route, however it is very unlikely you'd find one in a color other than black. You might want to check out RGGH (rose gold hardware) days that are available this season as an alternative. But still as most day styles in either GGH or RGGH they are not ready available at all stores. You really have to search to around.

    OH I just remembered, I emailed Bal Cannes last month to ask about GGH days, they said they still have a Charbon (very dark brown color) and White GGH day.

    I'm attaching a photo of my Seigle RGGH day for your reference. RGGH is quite nice too.

  3. hi fellow Pinay :biggrin:

    ggh day would be hard to find now since it was discontinued last year and a lot of ladies went on a ggh buying frenzy early this year.

    you could try checking the balenciaga finds in the shopping section. i've seen tpf gals post ggh finds in bal ny and las vegas. you could start your search there :biggrin: