Day vs. Twiggy --Which do you prefer


Which do you prefer?

  1. Day

  2. Twiggy

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  1. I think in the long run, I prefer twiggy styles since they fit my frame better.

    What are everyone else's opinion on these 2 styles for themselves?
  2. Twiggy was too wide/long for me, but I'd like to try on a Day at some point. I think it'd like one in black eventually :yes:
  3. I have two Balenciagas, a Twiggy and a Day, I love them both. The Day will hold more stuff, the Twiggy is just so darned cute. They both fall off my shoulder, so there is no preference with that.

    No point in choosing, just get both. :yes:
  4. those are my two favorite styles! the day for when i am carrying everything (all of the kids stuff and mine), the twiggy is great for other days and nites out too...
  5. i prefer the twiggy......
  6. i have a twiggy and i had a day. I didn't like the day because I am only 5' and it was the length of my entire torso. It also seemed like an abyss when trying to find things lost at the bottom of the bag. I prefer the twiggy because it's not too deep. and everything is just right there! bam!
  7. I ONLY own days and twiggys so I guess those are both the style for me!!!! :p Maybe it's time to branch out....
  8. i love both day and twiggy, but i voted day because it's slouchy, chic, carries easily over the shoulder, and fits a ton of stuff.
  9. I voted the day as I am obsessed with that style now, although I do love the twiggy.
  10. i like twiggy because of the flowing tassles
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I've been adding on to my 04' First collection and just purchased my very first Twiggy in Sandstone. I love it! I'm considering a Day in a bright color to branch out but I don't want it take over my entire body since I'm about 5ft.
  12. Twiggy! Day doesn't look good on me.
  13. Twiggy only bc I don't have a day currently but I will once jaune comes out! :smile:
  14. I just tied the vote. :rolleyes:I don't think you can go wrong with either, but I absolutely LOVE the day style!
  15. I totally prefer the Twiggy. I had a Day but sold it because it was just too darn big and deep for me. Finding stuff inside there was like diving into a black hole! Plus, it looked droopy and big on me (I'm small-framed, 5'2").

    I used to LOATHE the Twiggy because I was paranoid that it resembled a duffle bag. only looks duffle-ish if it's stuffed to the hilt! If you put a normal amount of stuff inside, it looks like classic Balenciaga slouch. VERY cool and hip! So now I'm on a Twiggy kick! I'm on the waitlist for a yellow twiggy this fall, yay!