Day VS Hobo - is there a HUGE difference?

  1. OK, I've been looking at pics of Day and Hobo styles and, from the pics I've seen, the difference isn't that noticeable! Are they the same bags? Am I a WACKO?!:wacko: Can someone please enlighten me.:shame: TIA.:kiss:
  2. You're not wacko but there's a big difference, really. These pics (taken from eBay) show the difference pretty well. The Hobo has a bigger strap drop and it's more crescent shaped.


  3. The day is often referrad to as the hobo, maybe that's why you're feeling confused?
  4. The Hobo seems more rounded while the Day is more "box-y", if you get what I mean lol.
  5. the hobo is more shallow and holds less while the day is deceivingly deep. the hobo is fun but the day is a really wonderful bag. after a while, it begins to slouch a lot and almost looks more like the hobo.
    hope that helps!
  6. Gals, I am forever grateful for all your help!:flowers: I think the fact that some people refer to Day as "hobo" confused me quite a bit. Thanks again!!!:kiss:
  7. ok,
    but what is this called?
  8. agnes, that is called a "Besace" messenger bag which is considered neither a Day nor a Hobo.

    And the Day used to be called the Hobo or Day until 2007 I believe, when the new crescent shaped Hobo was released. So Balenciaga had to differentiate.
  9. I have both and for my the hobo is easier to get in and out of.

  10. OH... I really like this :tup: one.
  11. I have owned day bags in the past and currently have a giant hobo. The Day holds quite a bit more, but some (including me) don't like how deep it is and how you have to reach in and dig around for things. It is a very cool style though, especially when it gets softer and slouchier with use. I find the giant hobo to be extremely comfortable to wear and very easy to get into and easily reach everything without taking it off. It's not as good if you need to hold a lot though.

  12. ITA. I have a 05 Black Day and a 07 SGH Hobo. The Hobo is so comfortable to carry and although my zipper seems to stick a bit, it is easier to get in and out of (and it is a nice chance of pace not to have to worry about tassles).
  13. Irene, what are you doing here? :graucho: Are you giving up your Hermes? :p ;)