Day vs. City

  1. Hello bbaggers!! :yahoo:

    in another thread

    i posted about my uncertainty of keeping or selling my cornflower.. and someone brought up that i should probably keep the cornflower since it would be a great spring bag, so i was thinking, maybe i should just save up for ANOTHER bbag rather than swapping! :p

    since the cornflower twiggy is a cold colour, and mostly handcarried(looks better that way IMO), it's def more of a summer/spring bag as i find it difficult to carry the bag on the crook of my arm during winter with a bulky coat on and carrying an umbrella...

    So the question is...

    Should i get a city or a day?
    My current collection is:

    LV mono speedy 30 - For day to day usage, goes with everything, fits everything/running errands.
    Linea Pelle Dylan messenger in Red - travelling, outings etc
    Linea Pelle Dylan small tote in dark brown - my throw around medium sized bag
    Kooba Lexie in Violet leather and Brass - evening clutch
    Balenciaga Violet First - evenings out / essentials grab
    Balenciaga Cornflower Twiggy - Summer fun bag

    I'm not one to own a 'repeat' bag if u get what i mean.. i like all my bags to serve a different purpose :yes:. So the thing is... i noticed that what's lacking from my collection is a slouchy winter/fall shoulder bag, which is a Day by every definition! :yahoo:However, i've HAD a Blueberry day which i ended up selling, (and regretting), so i was thinking if i should be 'broadening my horizons' and give the City a try, since it IS a classic after all~! :love: + i'm still a student so i dont get to splurge very often.

    Also, how goes the sizing in the City? search option is gone, so i couldn't find anything :push:, i know the twiggy can fit as much as the city.. is that true? although IMO its better not to stuff the twiggy or else it loses the slouchy looks and just looks like a sausage. is it the same with the city? how comfortable is it on the shoulders?

    OPINIONS~!!!! :yahoo: also please post pics of your Cities and Days together! modeling pics EVEN BETTER!!

    :flowers: TIA everyone~!
  2. I vote for the Day! I have a City (first Bal purchase) and a Day, and although I originally never imagined owning a Day, it is now my favorite bag hands down! I feel like the City kind of falls into a similar category as the Speedy, Twiggy, and First, for to me it is most comfortable when hand-held. The long strap always falls off my shoulder, so even though it is a roomy bag and a great style, the Day is much easier for me to carry as it stays on my shoulder well. I love how the Day slouches, and now that I've carried it for awhile my City seems small. I still love the City, but the Day fits my needs much better (bigger pockets, too!). Hope this helps!
  3. for a slouchy shoulder bag - my vote goes to the day bag. It is such an easy bag to carry! Giant hardware = even better!
  4. I agree with MandB- the day is a much more comfy bag to use, and is more functional. It holds a lot, the zip pockets are much deeper than the city's and therefore more functional as well, and it's so comfy to carry on the shoulder. I often end up carrying my city handheld as well, just because the shoulder strap slips so much. Personally, I find the city my least favorite bag to use. But for looks, I prefer the city over the day. although I really adore the slouchiness of the day- it really brings out the how gorgeous the leather is! I guess it all depends on what your goal is for your next bag- that classic bal look, or function? If you want to have that classic bal bag in your collection, go for the city. If you're looking for something functional and comfy to use (but still gorgy!) then go for the day.

    I posted some old modeling pics. Hope those help!
    IMG_0383b.jpg IMG_1521b.jpg IMG_1278crop.jpg IMG_1379.JPG
  5. Looks like I am in the minority here. I prefer the city because I like a wider "shorter" bag with a long shoulder strap. With the day, as well as with other bags I have in the same "style" they are too a bottomless pit - I can never find anything in them!
  6. I prefer the City for the size. The day is a little too big and deep for me. Also, the day hurt my shoulder when I had one. Although it is light, the strap is kind of hard/narrow and my shoulder would ache. That may just be me though . . . With the city, if you slide the "thingy" (shoulder pad) down, it should help with the strap slipping.
  7. Yeah, what happend to the search option? lol

    i like the day style, but i tried it on and it looked huuuge on me (i'm 5'8/110lbs).

    but i love my cities :love: and while i know some ladies think the twiggy is just as big as the city i'm going to have to disagree b/c i can fit a sweater inside my city, but couldnt fit one inside when i had a twiggy (but maybe my strategy was poorly exucuted?).
  8. I agree, the Day hurts my shoulder too. It was even making this little dent in it. I had to take stuff out so it wasn't so heavy. The City never hurts and mine never slips off. I like both bags but find the City more comfortable to carry if it's got a lot of stuff in it. Besides, everyone should have at least one City.:yes:
  9. I have both - love both, but i say go for the Day. As long as you don't too much in it then it is wonderful the way it moulds to your body.
  10. I like the way you think! ;)

    How about a City? It's a wonderful medium size and since you say you've had a Day before, why not give the City a try?
  11. So let me get this straight...

    The Day is more comfortable than the city when it has less stuff in it but when there's more the City is more comfortable than the Day? :confused1:

    i remember one thing that used to frustrate me when i had the day was that it was difficult sometimes either when u're trying to get stuff out or something like that it was always a bit of a struggle because i couldn't hold it at the crook of my arm, and i had to lay it on a table on something.. anybody else feel the same way?
  12. I think it depends on what you put in it, and don't forget the Day bag can hold a *lot*.

    For me the day bag is much more comfortable, I wore my City yesterday and I pretty much had to steady the shoulder straps with one hand whilst walking. Wore my Day today and didn't have to resposition the bag once.
  13. [​IMG]

    I vote for this one!!!! OMG- this bag is perfect for fall!!! I have never owned a Day mostly b/c I get frustrated with N/S bags and my stuff always gets lost so quickly.... but that's just my patience meter on bad!
  14. get the day bag in a smooshy 05 leather and you will never go back!! :biggrin:
  15. Day for one shoulder and the city for the other shoulder.....(you must stay balanced)....I would get both!!!!!