Day V. Hobo

  1. The first instant I saw a Day bag, I loved it. And I've been pretty sure I wanted to get one ever since. Every so often I see a hobo, and instantly write it off. But the more I see it the more I think I'm just not giving it enough consideration. In fact, it's a pretty good lookin bag, and functional too. So now I'm thinking maybe I want a hobo instead.
    What do you all think about the Day and the Hobo, pro's and con's, and which do you like better. And if you have either, lemme know what ya think!
  2. hi cleocouture! well, i bought a hobo first and then a day. i really like both. now, i can fit a lot more in a day of course but a hobo is easier find stuff in. i guess it depends on what you like. i tend to go more towards the day since it is more unstructured. i would still by another hobo though. gosh, after re-reading this post, i hope it make sense to you.
  3. I want a hobo in RH....
  4. I prefer the Day :smile:
  5. I had both and traded the hobo because I didn't like its shape when stuffed and the GGH anymore (although it was a beautiful VG). Now I have 3 Days, I prefer the Day, it's more leather, slouchy, packs more and looks less weird when fuller. :yes:
  6. :roflmfao: Yes, it makes perfect sense! That's exactly what I was thinking...that the hobo would be easier to find stuff it.
  7. I am a total day the look of it when worn:tup:
  8. have both, but I prefer the day. Edgier look, slouchier, more room, not so flat. The hobo's easier to get stuff out of withou taking the bag off your shoulder because it dips down further, but other than that, the day is my favorite style of all balenciagas (I've had quite a few and always come back to it). And I love the giant hardware in the day - there's room on the bag for it somehow.
  9. Hi Cleocouture - definately the Day bag. Much funkier looking and you fan fit so much in it including A4 papers and things. Hope this helps.
  10. I love the hobo...I think it looks amazing with the GH!
  11. I love the Day :love:

    I found the Hobo a little more ackward to get into but I still love it. It's just the Day is my fav b-bag style, I love how it looks when worn and it is really practical too :heart:
  12. Another Day lover!
  13. I love the Day. I think that it is such a versatile and easy to carry bag that holds a lot of stuff well.
  14. When I tried on the day, it was too deep for me- I don't like having to dig around for my stuff. But when I tried on the hobo for the first time this weekend, it was instant love!! I love the rounder shape and it's not too small or too deep. I just wish I could find it in RH (doesn't currently exist).
  15. The Day is my favorite style - just love it. I also have a hobo - for me I have to treat it like a smaller bag because I hate how lumpy it gets if you put too much stuff in it - and I personally tend to carry too much stuff. I even change wallets when I carry the hobo. It's a flat bag, so it's not as accommodating as the Day. So I'd say it depends on how much you tend to carry.