"Day to night" bbag colors?

  1. I was just looking at the swatches on AtelierNaff and was wondering... what colors do you think are the best for serving both daytime (for work, errand running, etc.) and nighttime (dinner, going out, etc.) purposes? Like, it seems origan could be considered more of a daytim-ey color, and that some of the metallics might look to :yahoo: for going to the gas station. I know it's relative to taste and bag style, but overall, do you have a bbag in a certain color that just *does it* for any time of day?
  2. Black city, hands down.
  3. Absolutely black city!
  4. totally have to agree with that BLACK!
  5. blueberry in a small size like the First
  6. black first~
  7. black first all the waaaaaaaaaaaay :tender:
  8. '05 rouge Twiggy can take me from day to evening if it's not real fancy. My white Twiggy can do the job too in the summer months. My pale rose Purse could do the trick too!
  9. My 05 rouge First can make the transition:smile:
  10. I think any of the reds, black (of course) and ink all work day and night ;) I think the first size is more for evening for me at least, during the day I prefer the city, just because I carry a lot of stuff around with me everywhere...
  11. I agree that the First/Classique size is perfect for a day to night bag. As for colors, I think most colors would look fab in this style for day to night--Ink, Blueberry, Fire Engine Red, Black, etc...
  12. i use my magenta first day and night and love it during both cuz you can dress it up/dress it down =)
  13. I'm going to go with black first. I always used my black city - but at night it just seemed to be too big of a bag for evening. That's one thing I adore about the first - it's the perfect day-to-evening size! :heart:
  14. black, bordeaux, grenat, rouge vif, rouge theatre, emerald
  15. Black First!