Day-Timers copies Ulysse - Grrrrr

  1. Whoa! :wtf:I was looking at Web sites for a project at work and went to the Day-Timer's site. I was shocked to see on their home page what looked just like the Ulysse. It is an exact copy,:wtf: except that the leather probably isn't as nice.

    I hate to see beautiful and unique H items, or any designer item for that matter, copied "out there" in mass merchandisers like this. :mad:


  2. OMG! :cursing: :cursing:
    Thanks for sharing though. At least now if someone asks me if my GM Ulysse is from Daytimers, at least I will know not to laugh right in their face. (kidding, I'm not that mean! Um, usually.)
  3. OMG!!!! THAT STINKS!!!
    It comes in orange and plum, too!!! WAAAAH!!
    (not vert chartreuse though, YAY)

    Look at this!!!!!!!
    They call it embossed croc. i call it something else!:yucky::throwup:
  4. wow that sucks.
  5. Disgusting!!! I DO NOT like fakes!!!!:rant:
  6. EWW!!! That looks like...something that came out of a real croc. :yucky:
  7. LMAO. Gator poo!
  8. eww- that "croc" one will haunt my dreams forever!
  9. OMG, I can't believe they can get away with such an exact copy of the design, right down to the interior.
  10. c'est horrible.
  11. you are so fancy with your franch.
  12. On a happy note, though, I bet the paper is not the yummy paper that comes with the real thing!
  13. you totally typed that like it was pronounced by "Francc" in Father of the Bride. :roflmfao:
  14. that was my intention.
  15. It worked! Hee! I love it when I get your jokes. :heart: