Day style in new colours on Diabro!!

  1. And I've ordered one in Mogano. It would have been rude not to!!:tup:
  2. Lol
  3. Can't wait to see your pics!! You will LOVE IT!!! I really like the day style, and the leather is DIVINE!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. pics!!! I'm wanting one in the day style too (thanks to ally's beautiful pics)...I think I'll be getting it in the GH. By the way...I love how Diabro does their pics. the different angles. I must say though...they somehow made the days look kinda funny by over stuffing them. If I didn't know better on how they look on a person...I don't think I would be attracted to them if I were to be only going by diabro's merchandising photo. CONGRATs F&G on your new bag!
  5. Its because of you allboobop that I've ordered one. Your pictures convinced me!! :tup:
  6. congrats! dont forget the pics, please!!!
  7. I sorry...hee hee:sneaky: You will thank me later!
  8. hi there...are you from UK?
    i just ordered from them too...what pyament you use?
    i do the bank transfer but i dont know how long would it take me for the payment to reach them and until they send me the when is your bag arriving? congratz by the way!:confused1:
  9. I used paypal, and usually they send out pretty quickly, so I should have it within the week.

    What did you order?
  10. ahh i want one--which color should I get? I'm looking to wear it as an everyday bag w/possible color transfer from darker/raw jeans.