Day - RH or GSH

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  1. Gonna buy one soon and I need your opinions! I am set on the black Day, but can't choose between RH or GH. I love tassles, but I find that GH just pops more on black bags and makes them stand out. Just worried that the GH will look dated and tacky in a few years..

    Any thoughts on this would be nice. Thanks!
  2. They are both gorgeous but if you are going for a black Day I would go for one with GH as it will add a pop to the bag.
  3. Oooooh, this is TOUGH. I love a Black Day both with GH, and with tassles and that clean RH look. Hmmmm... what sort of look do you prefer? GH definitely makes a black bag pop, and really adds a different dimension to the bag. It's also dressier. But the RH look is very clean and I doubt you'll ever tire of it. I would say, look at your wardrobe - does it go better with a GH Day or an RH Day?
  4. Your heart sets on GSH. Imo, it won't look tacky or dated in a few years. Go for the GSH, simply sweet.
  5. My wardrobe would probably work with both, but I'm inclined to say GH. But I loveee tassles! That's what got me into bbags.

    *sigh* decisions, decisions! Oh, and does anyone with GH have issues with it rusting it falling off?
  6. GSH...sweetie, Balenciaga could NEVER look tacky!;)
  7. GSH absolutely go for it!
  8. coming from a gal who doesn't go for GH at all, i'd say RH !
  9. Definitely GH for a black day.
  10. If you R the sporty type.. I'll say go for GH !! Cos the studs makes the whole look different. Moreover, the giant hardwares R the icon of Balenciaga. But you are more subtle I'll say RH will be suitable cos the GH is rather loud. GL to your choice !! Whatever decision i'm sure you'll look good in it !
  11. Like RH in Black and GH in COLORS! :biggrin:
  12. GSH all the way!
    I'd never liked the GH until I tried on a Day, something about it really transforms that style (imo!).
  13. RH or GH.
  14. Normally I would say GH in my sleep!
    But yesterday i saw a gray day with rh and it spoke to me, it looked so chic and refined unlike any other bag with hardware, you know!
    SO...having said that....i would say both! sorry:idea:
  15. Ehh ... sorry, I meant to write RH or GGH :Push: