Day out to York.. guess where I went!

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  1. After weeks of promising ourselves that we would go to the Mulberry outlet in York me and my friend finally got sorted and went :biggrin:

    I'd never been before and absolutely loved it everything looked so beautiful and I had to drag myself out! Didnt get anything unfortunatly as am not working atm but I've fallen in lust with a Roxy A4 tote which i'd never been bothered about when i'd seen pics but its yummy irl!

    I have a bad memory and dont know all of the names of the bags but there were lots of purply pink - roxy a4, mables in lots of sizes including some tiny ones for about 197ish i think, a daria clutch. Lots of mables in blue. Some white ones - bays, EW bays patent. A beautiful patent pink EW bays, a pale pink roxy, another roxy not sure colour but i think a dark pink/redish maybe cant remember. Lots of black polished goatskin - maggies, A4 totes. Some massive plain lookin bags (cant remember names) in brown and black and then several large a4 totes in varying colours which quite frankly were so big I could have lived in one of them! There were also charlies and bayswater oversized clutches in coral sorta lepd print and other colours. Oh there was also a stand of chocolatey printed bays I seem to think they were suede - EW and normal

    Well as you can tell i had a fun filled day of oogling purdy bags :yahoo: Wish I could have bought something lol
  2. Sounds scrumptious. I went about a month ago for the first time to york outlet and it was a great shop, am glad you had an enyoyable day out xx
  3. It is my wet dream to visit a Mulberry outlet, or all the outlets !
  4. Hee hee Lakrits !!!

    You're giving Swedish Porn a bad name!

    I don't think leather fantasies are supposed to end up in a Factory Shop !!!
  5. I would love to perv out on the bags at a Mulberry outlet as such luck out here in California!
  6. omg oodles of PINK goodies! i can see it now! :girlsigh:

  7. OMG all that pink sounds like heaven to me! Would not have been able to control myself :lol:
  8. Lol wet dream! Made me laugh so much :lol:

    The pink was very scrummy its my fave colour too! The polished goatskin was beautiful though and was v v v v v v V tempted by the roxy a4 tote in pink and the black one!!! They also had the cutest little pink mable really cheap but I couldnt hack a hand carry only bag :shrugs:

    I want to go back and by the roxy a4 lol!! Must have control dont have any molah well not enough for the bag, train and betties!
  9. Well you have Sunshine which we don't have (at least at the moment) lol.

    Many thanks for the list Tiri, well done for resisting (for now??) :biggrin:

    LOL over the wet dreams....:nuts:
  10. ha ha wet dreams!
    i would have been tempted too esp by the pinks.....
    glad you had a lovely day...
  11. Bicester on Friday was more a nightmare, very little stock and what was left apart from one choc Roxy that was bought whilst I was there, was pretty uninspiring.
  12. awesome