Day or City what do you prefer and why?

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  1. I've been thinking of another BBag, in a color this time, I have a black box and black makeup clutch. Anyway I've been wanting a slouchy kinda hobo bag and tried on the vert thyme day yesterday but I just don't know. I don't really use big purses and this just seemed so big and out of control for me, It's very deep to get in and out of and I feel like I'll fish around forever to find things. On the other hand I've always liked the city but it's like the complete opposite of a hobo..... Maybe an unstructured hobo just isn't for me. Anyone have a day, does it work for you, take a funny shape when filled?? TIA
  2. The day is my favorite!! I put my wallet, keys & cell phone in the deep outer pocket. My other random stuff inside. Once it's broken in it will slouch nicely and won't look so large.
  3. before buying my day i thought it was my ideal bag shape-wise. But now i prefer my city. The day is great bag, roomy, slouchy.. has nice big pocket on the inside that can fit like your wallet, cell phone...etc.

    But i'm more of a hand-held bag girl..

    Another shape to conisder that has become a new favorite is the brief! it's roomy, a little flat/structured, and can be worn on shoulder or crook of arm..
  4. ^^ I think I tried the brief on yesterday, it was a bit big for me, I just don't tend to use my bigger bags as much.

  5. ITA with ladybugfreckle. The Day is my favorite too. But then I appreciate the hands free issue. Also agree that broken in, the Day seems to be a lot smaller. My black one seems so much smaller, that I almost feel it's lost its edginess.. either that, or I really need to lose more weight....:jammin:
  6. I saw someone posted in another thread pictures of the new Slim vs. the Day, so if you want a hobo thats structured, maybe you should try that! HTH! :tup:
  7. You could also try a GH hobo - about the same width as the Day, but not as deep.
  8. i used to only have days and refused to even try a city, but now i am a convert. i can't find a thing in my day!! especially my cell. and i'm not organized enough to remember to put it in one of the 2 pockets. with the city, i can see and reach everything, no problem. and with the strap, i can carry it over the shoulder or by the handles. so for me, it's either the city or the work when i need to carry even more stuff!!
  9. I gave up the day cux I love the city too much. I don't know why. I still have to fish in the city anyway but the long strap is just wonderful.
  10. I love my day, and I have never owned a city. I will probably give the city a try someday, though. The super-super deep inside and outside pockets on the day hold my cell, wallet and makeup. I always know where they are and never have any problem finding anything.

    The main thing I love about my Day is how it matches my whole style. I dress very casually everyday and the slouch of the bag just meshes perfectly with my style.
  11. LOL! See that's what I'm afraid of, as much as I TRY to be organized it's just so hard for me with big unstructured bags, I was thinking maybe I'd keep everything in various pochettes/accessories but then I'll be fishing and grabbing the wrong one thinking my phone may be in there IDK:confused1:. I can't remember to put my cell in the same place unless I'm forced too. Which is why I often wind up using my e/w Chanel Classic Flap for an everyday bag, I can't lose track of anything in that bag I have a Box which is perfect for me and have always been attracted to the City, but then the day is just so fun and slouchy, but practical I don't think it will be for me. Also a pet peeve of mine is having to dig into a deep zipper topped bag that winds up scratching my beloved watch:rolleyes: I know, but it's just a thing I have. Maybe if it was smaller and less deep with no zipper it would be my perfect bag LOL.
  12. I love the day. Tried a few different bal syles, but never the city. I love the slouchy casualness and it fits my lifestyle. And the comfort and ease putting it on my shoulder (and it stays) make it a winner. I stay organized with a chameleon insert. And my keys go in the inside zipper pocket and my cell in the outside zipper pocket. It works for me.
  13. i am a fan of the city because it's more versatile can be a hand carried bag or a shoulder bag.i find the day too big for me since i'm short (5'0")
  14. I lose things more easily in the City than the Day, weirdly. I think it has to do with the size of the pockets. Less stuff fits in the pockets of the City and thus gets relegated to the abyss. Also, the zippers confuse me when I 'm in a rush. Yes, I am easily confused...
  15. I think I lean toward the Day. I really do love both but the day seems more "versitile" to me. I can't pinpoint why.

    But since I am at my half-way to goal point in my diet, I figure I better start researching these because that's my "prize"!