Day of Joy- I will be a Betty owner

  1. I'm so happy because I managed to get a black small betty with the plain zippers (without the big golden rings). I missed out on her when she was available in the stores and I almost cancelled her from my wish list until this weekend. I bought her from somebody on a German bag forum who just used her a handful of times and the best thing is that I paid half price for her.:yes:
    That's exactly the betty I wanted.:yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Congrats! She is a beauty. Enjoy!
  3. Nice deal! I love the Betty in black.
  4. Now you are a B.bag Queen and also a Chloè Queen!
  5. Wow that bag is STUNNING! :love: One of the nicest bettys I've seen! Congrats, I'm glad you found her!!! :yahoo:
  6. Your Betty looks gorgeous, wow you got a great deal..!!! :nuts: Congrats! :flowers:
  7. That's a pretty-pretty bag! I also love Betties!
  8. Love it! This is making me want a betty so bad! They are so amazing! Enjoy!
  9. Gorgeous Betty! Congrats and enjoy your new bag! :yes:
  10. Congratulations Tanja! Betty is a great bag! Enjoy.
  11. Thanks ladies you're the sweetiest.
    L_B you're such a sweetheart.
    I'm so happy that my paddy and edith got a sister.
  12. Congrats Tanja! Wear it in good health!
  13. adorable! I love it!!
  14. Cute! Congrats on the new pursebaby! :yes: