Day/Hobo vs. new style Hobo.. question

  1. :confused1: Does anyone know if the size of the new Hobo is different than the old style Day/ Hobo? I looked at the picture on naff but I can't tell. I know that the new style will only have the gold hardware but I like the look of it. I'm on the wait list for sandstone.
  2. I thought the old hobo 'Day' is still being made and it's the one we've been seeing, and the new 'Hobo' is smaller ands shoulder and more rounded horizontally as suppose to vertically, no?
  3. I don't know. There is a picture on naff but I can't tell if it's the same size as the old one. The shape is different for sure.
  4. it looks pretty, too bad it only comes in gold
  5. ditto. I saw it today and it's just not me. I can appreciate it's beauty but it doesn't suit my personality.