Day/Hobo strap question

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  1. I recieved my Grenat First today and it is going back. It is way smaller than I had anticipated. I am looking at the Hobo and I think I may trade it for that if I don't just wait for the spring colors and use my credit then. Is the strap on the Day bag a tight fit? I don't like bags with straps that fit tight under my arm. I like a reasonable drop on them. I hate returning things and I don't want to make a mistake twice. The Grenat is gorgeous but just too small for everything that I like to put in my bags. :confused1:
  2. the drop is not tight at all. I'd say you could wear a day with a heavy winter coat and it still wouldnt be tight on anyone. The day is significantly larger than a classique and does not have the handheld option to it. it's very comfortable and holds a lot in it.
  3. Hi,

    Have you checked out the messenger bag? Its the "same" day/hobo bag except LONGER, thicker leather strap that go across your body or just hangs over the shoulder.It's adjustable. Check out my thread under "Pics Alert..Look What the UPS dude"

    I just re-read your post: The Hobo makes a great bag too, its great for the city and the strap is ok. If your putting it on your shoulder, it'll be ok.

    Anyway..Have you considered a Courier or better yet, The Weekender! Its a great HOLD-ALL bag!!!

    Blueberry, Emerald and Rouille are great colors!!!
  4. If you like the shape of the first you might like the purse which is much larger than the first but it doesn't fit over everybodie's shoulder with a big jacket.
  5. The hobo is great bag, easy to carry and big enough.