Day hobo in Blue India!?!!

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  1. It occurred to me today... :nuts:

    I wonder how that color will look in the hobo style??? :nuts:
  2. Well, frankly I hope it looks awful, because if it doesn't I may end up buying it, and I have no money!:crybaby:

    So, based on my luck in these situations, it'll probably be breathtaking.:rolleyes:
  3. Precisely my fear too! :crybaby::lol:
  4. :lol: :lol: :lol: I hear will probably be beautiful and we will all be broke (but stylishly accessorized).
  5. No! It can't be cute. I MUST like the part-time!!!

    (Secretly I really want in a hobo- put I already have a hobo...)
  6. It better not be cute, because I'm on the preorder list for a part-time in this color!!!
  7. Well I supposed it should be gorgeous:graucho: !!!
    I've pre-ordered BIndia in Day and Work
    and cancelled the Work
    since I'm going to have my precious grenat :love:
    thanks to First :heart: :love:
  8. Although it would be easier if it was hideous, I'm seriously doubting it. Sorry girls; lol.
  9. Oh no!!! i have been thinking the same. I just love the Day style and have been thinking how badly I want a light colored Day. I am tempted to hold off till Spring but I know as soon as the BIndia photos start coming in. i'm going to be in TROUBLE:rolleyes:
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