DAY Help required please...


DAY Help required - please! :o)

  1. Should I go for Giant Silver Hardware?

  2. Should I stick with Regular Hardware

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  1. Hi B-Bag Sistas

    Ok, I've totally fallen in LOVE :love: with the DAY style! AND now after seeing all the pics of the Giant Silver Hardware, I'm completely torn as I just got a Regular Hardware Black Day this week...

    The question is: Should I up grade and go for the Giant Silver Hardware or stick with the Regular Hardware?

    I just LOVE the DAY style - I should of tried this style out AGES ago! hehehe! :graucho:
  2. GSH can look pretty hot on said style. Check out south-of-france's GSH Tomato Day:


    I say go for the Giant! :tup:
  3. I'm a total Day lover... and I've been wondering the same thing - stick with RH or try the glam SGH? One of the things I love about the Day is how light and comfortable it is. Having tried on one with SGH, I was amazed at how much weight the hardware added. So... I'm undecided. But the extra weight keeps me loyal to RH... for now, anyway :girlsigh:
  4. Yayy, another Day lover.:yahoo:Go for it, you will love it.:yes:
  5. I love, love, love my RH black day, but I think the SGH is amazing too!! I think at some point I will probably get a day with SGH - cinnamon maybe, or a fall color?? I would go for whichever one you are more drawn to.
  6. Go with the Day bag in GSH. The GSH in this style doesn't add noticeable weight.. gO for it!!. Black w/ GSH.. is :rochard:...;)
  7. The giant hardware adds the least weight to the Day out of all styles because there's not much hardware on it to begin with. It's probably the only style I'll get in the SGH because of this and because I prefer less bling. That said, I love the SGH on clear, strong colors like my tomato red or steel Days :love:
    Congrats on your new black Day! It's a totally different bag in the SGH so why not get both, maybe SGH in another color? :yes:
  8. I had the same dilemma and ended up going with the Black with GSH. I absolutely love it. I have a black wallet with RH, and there is no comparison to how amazing the GSH is. I would upgrade....
  9. I agree with sof it really is a totally diffrent bag with sgh but I think I still prefer the more casual look of the rh in this style.
  11. The Day is my #1 style ;) I only have RH but I am totally lusting after some SGH! I would say go for the switch!!
  12. That's good news about the extra weight being limited on the giant hardware Day. I definitely noticed it when I tried on the Part Time in RH and GH.

    After years of Marc Jacobs, I'm quite weight-intolerant!

    The GH is growing on me. But for the classic black Balenciaga, I'd stay with RH and get a GH in another color.
  13. I think the Day style is a great style to try with giant hardware. Again because of the weight issue. I think the day just fit so comfortable on your shoulder it!
  14. I love how light the RH Day is, but I just got a Vert Fonce SGH Day, and the GH does dress up the bag a lot! I like both - sorry , not much help here.
  15. I thought the Day w/GH would be heavier too but after I saw a Black w/SGH at NM & tried it on, it was surprisingly not as heavy as a City or PT w/GH and not as blingy. I think the GH looks better on the Day more so than the RH. I love South's Tomato & Plomb Days w/SGH & Blessing's Mogano w/GGH that I'm planning to get one in the Fall after I see the new colors and if nothing catches my eye, then I'm going to get the Black w/SGH.:tup: