Day gh in french blue or the vertdeau in city?

  1. Day gh in french blue or the vertdeau in city regular hardware?

    I am torn, this will be my frst bbag purchase and it is alot of money for me on a bag, most I have spent is $600 on a botkier large trigger in cognac which I have been using for over a year and a half now. Daily by teh way and it still looks brand new! Great durable bag!

    I know I would love both, which is more practical? I am a very casual person so either color would be fine in wardrobe cause I have never been one to really have to match my bag, I wear a variety of colors from bright colors like pink and aqua to just plain black and white.

    Please help, i have been lurking every thread for days now trying to decide and am absolutely torn.
  2. I just got my very first bbag yesterday. I chose a day GH in marine and I LOVE it! Until now I have only owned chloé paddingtons which at times can be difficult to wear on your shoulder with a big sweater or jacket so what I really like about the day is that it is so easy to wear on your shoulder.
    It holds a ton of stuff so it very practical.
    I would definetly recommend the day!
  3. I would get the Day bag, I love this style and the french blue would work great with your wardrobe. I'm pining after a GH day myself, any idea on price anyone??? Is is the same as RH day??
  4. I love love love my Vert D'eau. I think she's sooo beautiful :smile: She's a light color though, so I don't know if she's really "practical". I know many haven't bought vert d'eau for worries that'll dirty easily/quickly.
  5. I'd choose the Day in French Blue with GH.
  6. french blue with GH!
  7. Verty - does this look the same colour as yours please? Is your avatar pic a diff. green or is that what vert d'eau should look like?! Am worried now I have a fake.

  8. I have a GH day in black and I am so in love with her.
    The leather on the GH is thicker, it's one of the most beautiful leather that balenciaga has ever made, you won't regret it plus french blue is so lovely, so my vote goes to Day gh in french blue.
  9. day in French blue
  10. Don't worry, that's a PF member's bag. It's real :jammin:

    The flash on my camera made the bag lighter in the photo than it is IRL :smile:
  11. Vert d'eau in RH if it's your first Bbag- more classic than GH in my opinion
  12. FB!!!! this color has REALLY grown on me. it was irritating to me at first, but i've come to reallllllly love it.
  13. Day in french blue. It sounds stunning. Plus the day is my favorite bbag style.
  14. day french blue
  15. Thanks everyone!:idea: :idea: