Day GGH - Are they still available?

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  1. hi, i'm new to Bal and looking to purchase my first bag. On the balenciaga website, I can only find the Giant Day with silver hardware. Are they still available with gold hardware?
  2. Bal has not made Days with GGH since the 2008 season. Since they removed all stock from 08 and before from the US Bal stores, your best bet is to contact the Bal stores in Europe. Good luck!
  3. :sad: Thanks for replying.. i wil get the classic day then..
  4. what about looking on eBay, Bonanzle or other online sites that sell 07, 08 models?
  5. I got a day with GGH from the London boutique. HTH!
  6. ^^ is that a 2010 one? Tia
  7. What I got wasn't, but I would suggest emailing them to see what they have in stock.
  8. i'm very new to Bal and terrified of getting scammed online.. thanks for the suggestions though..
  9. I haven't seen a 2009 0r 2010 Day with GGH. I'm guessing they don't make them anymore. At least the US Bal Boutiques don't get them.
  10. I haven't seen GGH Day since 2008. I believe Bal stopped making this combo.
  11. Me too.