Day for school/work?

  1. I want to get a Bbag to use for school/work. The city is a bit too small to fit my notebooks (it's not quite tall enough to put in my notebook sideways) so I'm considering a day or a work. I know a work would be big enough but I need a shoulder bag and I don't think the handles are long enough. Would a day be big enough to hold a 11x9.5" notebook and books?
  2. erica, it should fit that size notebook perfectly! The Day measures (h) 14.5in x (w) 14.5in x 5.11(d) in / Handle Length 13in. That leaves you with loads of room for other stuff in there aside from your notebook.

    Now, be forewarned that having two Day bags I'm just a tad biased about the style... :smile:
  3. I think that the stuff would fit in their but I think that it would take away from the slouchy style of the day. I think that the work style would be better.
  4. i use my day for school sometimes. it's perfect when i only take a couple of notebooks and a wallet, cell phone .. etc. but for heavier days when i need to take a huge book or binder i don't use it. i think the work is better.

  5. Wow, the day is a lot bigger than I thought! It never looks that big in pics of people wearing it. I love the way the day looks, that's why I'd prefer it over the work. I think vbscull is right though, putting books inside it might take away from the slouchy style of the day :shrugs:. I'm really undecided now...maybe I need to go to Barney's later and try on both styles :yes:
  6. Aaah...definitely try them on. I'm not sure that you could stuff notebooks, etc., in their display bags, but it's certainly worth a shot, especially if you're trying to decide on which one to purchase to carry for school/work...
  7. I think that the corners of big heavy books etc with eventually put nasty dints in the leather at the bottom of a the curvy Day. I think that a bag with a flatter lower edge would be more what you need
  8. have you ever considered a courier? it's kind of big, but if you're putting in a bunch of books, they will fit nicely without maxing out the bag. you can also wear one messenger style.

    or even the PT? the strap is long enough that you can also wear it courier style or over your should with the handles. it's wide, so you can put a bunch of books in it without filling out the bottom too much. and it's more structured, unlike a day that is super soft and might look all weird if it's stuffed with square corners. just a thought...
  9. The new step may be an option.....there have been few sightings so far, but it might work for what you want. I am anxious to see one myself as I want it for similar reasons.
  10. I think so too. I had a teal day and wanted to use her for work, e.g. textbooks, files, notebooks. The shape wasn't slouchy anymore but square and boxy, the edges of the books etc. dented the fabric and leather, and it seems that the day isn't made for really heavy stuff.
    So I'd go with a city which fits books, or a laptop and files, etc., or a work, but there you don't have a shoulder strap.
  11. I agree with Jenova. I think the work would be a safer bet because of its squared off corners and it just seems a little sturdier than the day. I don't know about the regular work, but I have a giant work and the handles fit comfortably over my shoulders (without a jacket).
  12. I don't think the PT would be big enough since it's not as tall as the city. I've never really considered a courier before, I'll have to try one on when I'm in Barney's. Thanks for the suggestion!
  13. I also really want to see what the step looks like, I think it would be the perfect size. Does anyone know if the handles will fit over your shoulder?
  14. I dont have a day but from the pics I've seen, the day would be better for school... less structured and more casual... which is what you want for school right? and if it fits everything you need.... go for it! good luck and keep us posted on what you get!
  15. Thanks for your help everyone! I tried on the day and I don't think it will work for school. I think it would be big enough but with the slouchy, unstructured shape it would look funny with all my textbooks in it. I really love the day style and I still want to get one, just not for school. I also tried on a courier but it was HUGE on me (I'm pretty small). I'm leaning towards a work right now, but I think I'm going to wait until I see the step.