Day care provider pleads not guilty to shaking baby

  1. June 25, 2007

    Day care provider pleads not guilty to shaking baby

    TAMPA -- Day care provider Rebecca L. Saunders pleaded not guilty Monday morning to one count of aggravated child abuse. She continued to deny any wrongdoing in the case of Kaleb Schwade, the 5-month-old boy that authorities said sustained a brain injury after Saunders shook and battered him.
    "She is not afraid to be here," said her attorney, Leon Jones. "She's not afraid to show her face because she knows that she did not do anything wrong."
    He took issue with Kaleb's mother's page, on which she has elicited national sympathy and donations by posting daily updates to her blog about her son.
    "The problem with blogs and MySpace is that there is no checks and balances on it," he said. "It's the courtroom that matters."
    Kaleb's parents attended the hearing but did not speak to reporters. Dianne Cueto, a spokeswoman for the family, said afterward that Kaleb has shown signs of improvement but "still has a long journey ahead of him." He is taking anti-seizure medication, she said. Doctors recently have been trying to get his vomiting under control. He has shown some response when they play music, Cueto said.
    "The prognosis is still one day up, one day down," she said. "Each day brings new hopes and new dashes of those hopes."
    Circuit Judge Chet Tharpe ordered Saunders to not have any contact with children under 18.
    -- Colleen Jenkins

    What a moron! :wtf:
  2. omg so sad!! hope they put her away for a long time! what the hell is wrong with people like this???
  3. what a sick b****. And she is still out when the poor innocent baby is stuck in a hospital- possibly for the rest of his life? DOes not make sense!
  4. [​IMG]Most recent picture of baby Kaleb with his mom...i wonder if that stupid lady has even seen the photos of this poor child and the condition he's in...maybe then she will reconsider lying! :mad:
  5. OMG.. that picture made me want to sad & terrible.
  6. Oh my...what a horrible story! Poor family..I just hope the boy makes it.
  7. Does anyone know if the babysitter was ever convicted?
  8. What a beautiful boy he is, I don't know any recent info but I hope she was!
  9. Wait, I read a bit into this and found...

    "Oh, and many of you have been concerned whether or not the sitter has been charged. YES charges have been pressed, but she is currently out of jail on a $5,000 bond. "

    This is crazy, she could have killed this child and she practically got a slap on the wrist. I am so upset.
  10. Look at this beautiful boy, how can she just destroy his entire life and his family's!? It's things like this that gets my blood boil :rant:
  11. Exactly! I found the email to a reporter on this and emailed him, but haven't gotten an email back.