Day bag--Tassels Questions

  1. Dear all Balenciaga members/addicts,

    One month ago I received an oxblood Day bag as a present. The thing is I've noticed that the tassels have started to rip apart (both zippers). The inner side is white which kinda makes the people-who-don't-even-know-what-a-Balenciaga-is a cheap expression to me :sad:
    It breaks my heart to see the tassels like this that I dislike taking it out for the fear of ruining whats left of them sticking together. :crybaby:

    Do you think that this is normal for a Day bag? :confused1: or Maybe it wasn't supposed to be sold in public ? Mind you that this bag was displayed in our local distributer.

    Does the Balenciaga shop in London fix tassels?

    Thank you ALL for your time :smile:
    Here are the photos:
    IMG_4023.jpg IMG_4019.jpg IMG_4059.jpg
  2. I think tassels splitting is a common problem and likely to happen with time. I personally don't think it makes the bag look cheap. I still wear my Balenciagas with the split tassels even though I have new ones I could replace them with. I still like the split ones.

    You can also order new tassels from Balenciaga NY! I think they are around $5 or $7.50. You should call them to see if they have that color tassels in stock...
  3. it's normal for the tassels to split... :P few of my b-bags also have split tassels
  4. It's a normal problem, just put on the separate tassles which came with the bag or order some just in case at BalN.Y
  5. Yup, normal unfortunately. The tassels on my rouille day have split - I actually rather like the look now. It annoyed me at first, but it looks even better than before. To me at least.
  6. Pewter, seahorseinstripes, tanja + english_girl_900 :

    I feel much better now :P + I still have the extra tassels in its box.
    I was just scared because it happened so quickly :Push: