Day bag or work/which color?????Help

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  1. I`m getting a work or maybe a hobo(day) bag from Barneys real
    soon, in exchange of my Thomas Wylde bag.:yahoo:
    Which bag should I choose and what color?

    Any suggestions for someone who loves all colors.
    Maybe I should wait for the new collection Spring 07.

    Or should I buy
  2. Get a day bag! Its my favorite style. Are you looking for something neutral or bright? I'm loving too many of the spring colors right now to be too much of a help - for neutral I would suggest an anthracite, marine, cafe, or argile.

    or a bright color - aquamarine is my favorite.
  3. Well, if you used to like Thomas Wylde (TW) then you should get "the Day" bag bcoz' the style is more similar to TW than "the work"
    Also I guess you like Black/Grey tone bcoz' TW bag is also black and grey

    Get the day in grey would be my suggest:yes:
    Honestly, I think you do the right thing about exchange, TW is very heavy and too fashion -- I mean -- B-Bag is more classic:heart:
  4. i would say work :yes:
  5. DAYYY...!!! but really, it depends on what u intend to use it for.... are u going to using it for work? if that's the case, then the structured shape of the workd would be better for files etc... but as an everyday bag....DAY DAY DAY...!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:and in blueberry...! :p but really it's a style that's gorgeous with every colour... :love:
  6. Day all the way it has become my favorite b-bag style!
  7. For work- use WORK
    For shopping etc - get a DAY
  8. Thanks all of you, I`m more confused now, but I will decide next
    week, then I will have to find out what colors they stock.:smile: in all bags.

    I sort of fell in love with the day bag, it`s not too big on me,
    since I`m only 5.6 and about 110 pounds, and very slender.

    The workbag might look to large and square on me.:supacool:

    But it is a lot of balenciaga in it:wlae: style matters.
    Whatever I choose, should I get black or what color?

    There is no time to wait for the new colors to come out, since
    I have to change next week- if they let me.:shame:
    I would not use the balenciaga bag for work, it would
    get too used and abused....I want to keep it nice.:s

  9. then the day would definitely be PERFECT:heart:
  10. Yes it will be the day- a day bag-if Barneys still has them-there sold
    out as of today....:crybaby: