Day bag lovers....

  1. I'm considering getting a tomato day, but I'm worried that I will "lose" things in it, mainly my keys when I have my hands full. Does this happen? Do organizers help?
  2. I pop my keys into the outside pocket. Problem averted! :yes:
  3. ^^ ITA agree with this! Also the inside zipped pocket is nice and deep, so I keep my cell phone, ITouch, etc. in there and it's very easy access :yes: LOVE this style!
  4. ITA with the posters above, that the pockets are fine for keys. I use the outside pocket for my cell phone, and I bought a Coach pink mink snowball for my keychain. Now I just toss my keys into the abyss. I could find them in a Courier!
  5. How tall are you?

    (As in how long are your arms?)


    :heart: the Day btw.
  6. And I have a cute lil' coach key case that I can find easy~
  7. nah, love of the bag will overtake any inconvenience of finding things in it!
  8. kelbelle, I had the same exact concerns as you about the day- I HATE digging around in my purse for things, esp when my cell's ringing and i can't find it! :cursing:

    I just got my first day, and have only carried it twice (not so sure about the color yet- I don't think I'm a blue girl??) But I've fallen in love with the style- comfy to use, roomy but not too big. I love the deeper zip pockets, which I also use for my cell. I keep loose things (like lip gloss, etc) in a cosmetics bag. So there's not much to dig around for in the first place. Hope that helps!
  9. I do the same thing as a lot of other posters - keys in the outside pocket and mobile phones in the inner pocket. I also use a chameleon in my bags and it makes finding stuff a breeze!
  10. To give an opposing opinion . . . I love the way that the day looks, but I hated to dig for things in it (and I am 5'6"). I ended up selling mine. But they are GORGEOUS!! It is definitely worth trying one out IMO!
  11. The Day is awesome!:heart: I had the same fear about losing things in it, but as everyone says, both inside and outside pockets are deep. I keep my phone, keys, and MetroCard in the outside pocket and random small items in the inside pocket - and the rest is in my Makeup clutch and Wallet inside ;)
  12. The Day is my easiest bag to use ever. That's including all non-Bal bags, too. The pockets are big -- all things that you need to grab quickly will fit. For me, it's keys and phone in the outer pocket, glasses in the inner pocket. It also helps that I don't carry loose stuff. Make up is one little bag( aquamarine coin), checkbook and pens in another (le sportsac) aspirin, bandaids, tape measure, mints, etc. in another. Each bag has a different texture and I can grab them by feel. If I need a book or a sweater there's room to room to throw it in, but I try not to overstuff.
  13. I find the pockets on the Day easier to manage than the ones on my City. I always keep keys in the interior zip pocket of my bags, and the Day's inside pocket is much deeper/bigger than a City's.
  14. I have a Day and love it. You will spending time digging for your items, but its worth it. Day is oh so cute.
  15. The day is great - I love it! The outside pocket is great for keys and a small cell - the inside for your wallet if it's small.