Day Bag - gold, silver or regular hardware?

  1. What is your opinion on the hardware for the Balenciagas? I just realized they came out with silver hardware for the Fall/Winter '07 collection and it looks pretty nice, although I originally wanted the gold before seeing that collection. Also, for those of you who own Balenciagas with the classic hardware...does it look OK with gold jewelry, gold buckles on shoes, etc? What hardware do you all like better?
  2. Personally i prefer the regular hardware which is a nice classic and goes with everything. I do like the more understated look.
    Now I really think the sgh looks nice on plomb, vert foncé and violet but it attracts more attention and is not as "passe-partout", the ggh is not really my cup of tea it's a bid too blingy but can look nice on beige,brow,earthtones.

    Now this is just me, hubby actually likes the gold over the regular.
  3. Do you think that the silver looks ok with black? I know what you mean about bling bling and I'm not that type of person. Does the classic hardware look ok with gold jewelery and stuff?
  4. I like Gold!
  5. I like gold giant hardware the best.

    For me, the SGH is too blah because it does not have tassels nor does it have the pop of gold color.

    However, I do like the SGH with the violet since it still pops.
  6. I say regular hardware or the gold.
  7. i have gold with marine, and regular with magenta~
    i love both of them~ the gold hardware just brings lots of fun for a dark color bag like marine, and regular hardware just matches perfectly with a bright color magenta day bag~
    i say it highly depends on the color of the bag~
  8. i vote for gold too.
    silver look not valuable to me...

    but i plan to give up on my anthracite giant ggh city ...
    i'm thinkin dont know is the right decision to do ...
    i love it
    but why i did not buy PT in the first plan..
    oh god pp say thing can be put more in PT dont know whether it true?
  9. I prefer the regular hardware on the day because the style is slouchy and bohemian looking. The giant hardware, silver or gold, dresses it up losing some of the look for me. The regular hardware is subtle so you can wear either gold or silver jewelry. But this is not to say I haven't admired the day in giant, just that that is my personal preference. You really can't go wrong - my fave style.
  10. I prefer RH but I have 1 GH bag, an SGH Plomb/Steel Day, they just match. I don't like the GGH, I even gave up a vert gazon ggh hobo because of it.
  11. With all this talk about the gold hardware, I think you guys may be right, especially about how the silver doesn't pop as much--I agree. The thing is, I feel that the bigger HW may just be too bling bling for me. I'm much more of a classic person in the long run. In the general scope of things, I'm getting quite tired of seeing all this heavy hardware everywhere!! Marc Jacobs??
  12. TOTALLY agree with CatCat. Also...I had a Tomato Day with GGH for about 10 minutes until I realized how much it looked like a giant UDDER with the GGH hardware at the bottom. I was terrified a herd of hungry calves were going to start stalking me....
  13. I love both! I prefer the Gold with marine,Ocean,truffle,Vert Gazon:love:,Oatmeal.The Silver is perfect with Violet,Jaune,Tomato...I think the choice depends on the colors:yes:
    The regular is the regular..the queen:queen:!!!
  14. i like silver the best especially with plomb it looks good. and with most blues and my violet has silver... I LOVE IT.
    i agree gold looks good with browns, earth tones..

    but if you are in doubt, i would go with the classic hardware.
  15. OK so I'm insane! I just stopped by Barneys on the way home and think I now like the REGULAR hardware...the tassles just get me and make it look way more rocker chic. Plus, even without anything in it, the bigger hardware is heavy!