Day After Christmas Outlet Finds

  1. Is anyone planning on going to the outlet on Wednesday?
    I called my SA today to get info on any promotions, but she said she wouldn't know until Wednesday morning. So I will call her then.

    I am thinking about making the 2 hour round trip, but I am not sure if my family would be up for it. If I do go I will post info here.

    If anyone does go to the outlet on Wednesday, please post info on what is available here.

    I am hoping they will have some great stuff! :yes: So far, I always have better luck when I go on a random weekend as opposed to big shopping days. I am eager to hear about all the fab deals.

    Thanks so much and I hope everyone had a great holiday! :tup:

  2. i went today.. x mas eve and they had the normal 20-30% additional off plus a extra 10%
  3. I will be going up to my Outlet on Monday, Dec. 31st. I really can't stand those big shopping days like right after Christmas - just too many crowds for me. I will let you
    girls know what I find up there.
  4. I'll be at the AC outlet on Friday, hoping they'll have some new transfers!
  5. My neighbors went to our outlets yesterday (Xmas Eve) and they bought bleecker checkbook wallets w/ the brass buckle in khaki/black for $109 plus tax (w/ the holiday discounts)!!!!! They said there were TONS of bleecker wallets, in all sizes and colors. They chose these to match their large khaki/black carly's! They also saw slim Carly's in that new black/white (greyish) signature w/ NICKEL trim!!!!!!! AND lots of bleecker flap bags, signature and leather in all sizes too!

  6. Mommyville, what Outlets did they go to? I am planning on going to Woodbury Common Plaza on Monday, 12/31. I will call tomorrow to see what they have.
  7. I would like to go to Woodbury probably monday December 31st, just to see what they have. But I am getting the new LG Voyager so thats gonna burn a hole in my pocket. I would like to know as well!
  8. WOW!
    Which outlet is this?
  9. I went to the Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin outlet this morning and didn't find any great deals. :tdown: There were two white Ali's left that seemed to be in good condition. I'm not a big fan of the white b/c of the color transfer threat (beautiful bag though), so I wasn't interested. The whiskey Alis actually looked like they had been run over by a truck! I purchased two Ali's (whiskey and black) there a few weeks ago and am so happy that I didn't wait. They had the Mandy bags in white, black, natural and whiskey. A few small shoulder flap bags in black and white that were pretty damaged, but none of the 2006 shoulder bags w/ two outside pockets. Sadly, that's what I was looking for. The outlet was packed though!
  10. I was at the Pigeon Forge TN outlet today...they had some small shoulder legacy bags in black, some ergos and they had the clay legacy turnlock wallet for $45.00! That was my big deal for the day :smile: Nothing else really caught my eye...I think the winter scarves were 40% off...they had a few of those left and they looked nice.:tup:
  11. This was Riverhead, NY....I went there today and purchased a Bleecker Compact Clutch wallet in british tan leather for $130!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!
  12. I'm not a big fan of the white leather either b/c of the color transfer threat...that REALLY scares me out of enjoying the bag! My outlet had legacy that looked like it was run over by a truck too!!! It was so sad to look at!!!! Sorry you didnt find any great deals...I only bought a bleecker wallet, but Riverhead had ALOT of new stuff out. I was impressed!!!! :yes:
  13. I will be going one day next week.
  14. I went to Aurora, Illinois today...nothing good. No Bleecker wallets ( I was hoping). It was packed...a lot of returning going on...
  15. Great purchase Mommyville! That's a gorgeous wallet at a great price! I resorted to eBay to get a Bleecker clutch because my outlet didn't have any in stock. I love the look of this wallet!