Day 14 of using my clear blue easy monitor...question?

  1. I've had a high day for the past 4 days but no peak yet. Should me and DH be BD'ing on every single high day?
  2. Yes! Have fun!
  3. Or every other day.

    This was my first month using the CBEFM and I had a high from day 8-25, no peak. We tried to keep up, but after day 16 I knew something was up...

    Is this your first month using the CBFM?
  4. yes this is my first month. Today is day 15 and still only showing up as a high day. My first high day was day 9 so I'm pretty sure day 9 couldn't have been a "real" high day if I'm still having a high day today right? I'm so confused.
  5. I know, right?!! :shrugs:I googled this last week and it seems like registering high with no peak can be a normal occurance the first cycle, as the monitor is "getting to know your cycle". I'm not so sure I believe that, but I am going to give it another month before I panic...:sweatdrop:
  6. Well I'm hoping that the monitor is just getting a feel for my cycle because I def. don't want to think that I'm not ovulating, I don't want to have to open that can of worms just yet.

    Do you know if you have cervical mucus, does that automatically mean that you ovulate or can you have CM and not ovulate?
  7. ^ Great question! I wish I knew the answer.

    I'm going to choose to believe that since it is both our first time and we are getting the same results, it must be the monitor. It also happened to kimberf, and she ended up getting pregnant that month!!
  8. Yep - I did get pregnant that first month! I wish I had more experience with the monitor so I could tell you if it's just a first month occurrence that it does the high/no peak thing, but that was my only month using it. It said high for about 5 days (around days 19-24, long cycles after going off the Pill), then went down to low. I figured, hmmm...didn't ovulate.

    I only give the monitor a little credit for the pregnancy, btw...we upped our BDing when it said high, but I don't think that's when I got preggers. I finally got a positive HPT (4th one, first three were negative) on day 47 of that cycle, so I think I ovulated when the silly monitor was still saying low (that or my hCG went up really slowly...)! But it at least clued me in as to when to start working on it, and how long my cycle was.
  9. Day 17. Still high! I don't know what to believe, have I already ovulated? I'm going to be sure and take my temps next month so I have more to compare it against. My cycles are usually only 28 days so I don't see how I could still be getting a high reading, I guess it's possible that I haven't ovulated yet but I really think that I have.
  10. I have been on high for 6 days, not up on the temp too, so I figure I did not O this month :crybaby:

    Oh well, I need retail therapy...
  11. Day 20, still having a high reading........
  12. ^^ I think it is a ploy so that we buy more sticks...:thinking:
  13. I think you're right! It asked me to POAS again this morning, I refused. I gotta have enough for next month and I was scared it would ask me to POAS every day until AF comes.
  14. I am on month 2 and day 6 of my cycle and it started asking my to POAS today and I was like, here we go again!!
  15. ^^ I wonder if it would be bad to not start POAS until Day 9 or 10? I didn't get my first high reading until then anyway. I wonder if it would mess with the monitor's ability to predict your O?