Dawson's Creek

  1. Okay! Who watched it? Who loved it?

    I started watching the first three seasons, kind of lost interest, and then went back to watching it towards the end. (I remember having my dad record the last episode for me because I was working that night!)

    I thought it made sense that Joey wound up with Pacey. (Joey being with Dawson always felt strange, like she was in a relationship with her brother, or something.)

    I have seasons one and two on DVD.

    I loved the episode where Joey got onstage and sang. I love the one where Andie accidentally takes E. I love the one where Dawson is drunk at his birthday party. I loved the beauty pageant one and I loved the one that's a spin-off of The Breakfast Club.
  2. LOL...I loved it too!!!!!!!!!! Pacey, Dawson...the whole clan...when Dawsons dad died...I was a wreck.
  3. ^^ Me too!!! LOVED IT.. Loved Katie till she married TC!
  4. Dawson: [reads a question from a HOW PURE ARE YOU? sex quiz] Have you ever paid for sex?
    Chris Wolfe: [looks seriously at Dawson] Does dinner count?

    Audrey: Joey, I am serious. E-mail expression is the scourge of the modern age. The internet has made it way too easy to express oneself. Ok, you have some fleeting thought. You send it. It lands with a thud in some unsuspecting person's mailbox. Said person then reads it, gets irked because you've recapped a conversation that you presumably already had. They fail to respond. You feel slighted. But if you must be one of these pathetic passive/aggressive e-mail types, far be it from me to stop you. What do you have so far?
    Joey: Well... I had "Dear Dawson," and then I erased it.
    Audrey: Why? I think that's a nice start.
    Joey: I seemed cold.
    Audrey: True. I mean, you did just nude-up with the guy. Oh, I'm sorry, or did you guys do it through a hole in a sheet because that's very Dawson and Joey to me.

    Pacey: You know, this town is the absolute embodiment of dull. Apart from the occasional sex scandal provided by yours truly, nothing happens here.

    Pacey: Please, summer school?
    Joey: Yeah.
    Pacey: It'll never happen. Only morons go to summer school.
    Joey: Oh yeah? Well, the last time I checked you were pulling a stellar F-minus, so without this extra-credit project, Pacey, I'm very well certain that your grade will not only place you squarely among the morons, but you may very well be their leader.

    Joey: Wait a second. You're taking romantic advice from a guy who spent his evening trying to get 3 snails to sleep together?

    Joey: You got me, Jen. We did it. All day, all night. Twenty-four seven. Wereyou aware that there are at least thirty-eight known differing sexual positions? And forty-two if you're flexible enough.
  5. I forgot how the series ended. Does anyone remember?
  6. If I recall....and I could be SO wrong...but I think Joey went off to make a life with Pacey....and I can not remember what happened to Dawson ( we called him Big head) dude has a big ol head!! lol
  7. LOL - Dawsons Creek brings back all sorts of High School memories... it was the hottest show on the Tube when i was in HS....

    i'm So glad that Pacey and Joey ended up together... Dawson got on my nerves but yet i was still very much addicated to watching it!!!

    oh Joshua is so cute esp. back in the MD days! :graucho:
  8. OMG.. I watched the show religiously.... didn't watch it so much the last season.. stuff changed too much...

    By then Felicity had already filled the Dawson's creek spot

    anyways the ending went something like joey being with pacey and Dawson went off to hollywood or something to shoot a movie.His dream was to become a director and at the end of show....you see Pacey and Joey sitting together watching a movie directed by Dawson.

    it was seriously the sweetest show ever and I was totally for the Joey/Pacey couple instead of Joey/Dawson.
  10. oh yeah, now i remember. Thanks for reminding me. :P
    Great show...
  11. awww. i loved dawson's creek! :heart:

    do do do do, do do do do.. i loved the song! haha
    i dont wanna wait for our lives to be over .. or something haha