Dawsons Creek (indulge me)

  1. Ok, So I have the worst insomnia known to man. So, you can bet your favorite handbag that I am always awake from 3:30 to 6 am. (yes, it SUCKS) anyway, I often catch Dawsons creek. I love all tv shows from this time period, so I love watching it. However, what I love the most is Katie Holmes. I really miss the sweet, normal girl she once was. It truly amazes me how much she has changed. Thoughts??? Do you think she would have turned into to such a puppet if she was not with Jerk off, or would she have remained somewhat Joey(ish) if she would have been with say Chris??? *for example. I miss the Creek days of Joey.:biggrin::biggrin:
  2. I think now that she has money around her 24/7, it's hard to stay grounded and well be that humble, sweet, giving, and caring character she played as Joey. I think when she was with Chris she wasn't as famous so she still lived a life of normalcy...and now that she's being judged and criticed 24/7 on what she's wearing, how she carries herself, how she's constantly being compared to victoria Beckham, etc....it puts alot of pressure on a person to be perfect which in turn changes them to act how they want the public to take them as.

    i'm not saying that she's being fake right now but it sure seems like it especially since before she gave birth to Suri she seemed happy, spunky, always smiling, and having fun...while nowadays she seems to always have a very stern face on...reminds me of another famous wife..hmm.. oh could it be Victoria Beckham ?!...YES...ahhahaha!
  3. joey was my favorite character on dawson's creek too. well, maybe a close second to pacey. her judgmental attitude and constant moralizing got on my nerves, but i loved her anyway. i'm not sure that she would've remained a nice normal girl if she had stayed with chris klein. did anyone catch that interview he did with elle magazine where he said he only dated girls that were tens in the appearance scale. he came off very chauvinistic. katie, or kate - whatever she's going by nowadays - still seems nice. she does sound a tad crazy in her interviews, but still sweet. i like her new style too. perhaps it's the haircut that's making her seem so stern and unapproachable. i mean, there is a reason why it's anna wintour's signature hairstyle.
  4. This is an interesting thread! I just watched some old episodes of DC, and it hit me how different and cute and innocent she was back then and how incredibly much she has changed.
  5. Who wouldnt LOVE her style now!!! She is wearing TOP fashion clothing ALLLL the time!! I just think she looks like a damn robot now...she knows just how to stand, walk, smile, etc...like she has been programmed. When I think back, the changes started at the wedding. Just watching her on DC really made me think about it. (I really dont care..LOL)
  6. :shame: i own all 6 seasons on dvd!

    i'm a p/j shipper hardcore!
  7. I was SO glad Joey ended up with Pacey!

    1) Dawson was doing that annoying thing where he acted like he owned her.
    2) Joey and Dawson wasn't going to work because it would be too wierd! They had too much history together that they seemed more like brother and sister rather than anything serious.