Dawned on me today what I feel Balenciaga is missing: An Agenda!!

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  1. I searched and it appears one member here has a pebbled one...is that it?

    How long were they in production before being discontinued?

    I'm so surprised because even though people are into electronics, agenda's are still such a uni-sex accessory that everyone loves to have.:shrugs:
  2. I agree, mine is still an old fashioned paper agenda too! The old Bal agendas are so nice - I wish they still made them. I regret not getting one when I could have... ah well...
  3. Oh, I had no clue that they made them back in the days;)......it would be nice to have one!

  4. Yeah, an agenda would be really great! I love planners and I'm sure bal would make a gorgeous one.
  5. ive never found agendas usefull? i dont know why....maybe im too spontanious or dont have enough things to do? lol
  6. I'm surprised because it's such an obvious money maker, isn't it? i know when I was big into LV, it was so much fun to pick an agenda. coach, LV, chanel, Hermes...they have them...hmmm...
  7. I think this every day! I've never found and LV one that I like and I just can't justify $ for the Hermes version! Come on Bal...make another agenda!
  8. I totally agree - I needed a new agenda a couple of months ago and thought I'd get a Bal only to find out they didn't make one! I'd totally buy one especially since it would be in great colors and nice leather. I'm not an LV fan and Hermes is crazy expensive - I ended up with a Coach one which is nice, but I like the simplicity of Bal.
  9. oh i think i have one: to stop obsessing over bal.
  10. Or a cute iPod case! I can't resist cute leather agendas and notebooks, but then I never use them. The iPod caseI would actually use!!
  11. So true!!! I hate to use LV but what choice is there! A motorcycle style agenda would be so cute.