Dawn of the new bags - Paris FW08 Runway Pics

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  1. (Courtesy of Hong Kong Apple Daily 2008 Paris Milan New York Fashion Special - March 28, 2008)

    Hope the scannings are clear enough. What do you think about the new shoulder bag? Looks great and can be an option for casual bags besides Lindy and Evelyne. Judging from the length of strap seemed to be too long just to hang on one side of shoulder (v. good if wear cross-shouldered)
    tmpphpPmqDC3.jpg HFW081.jpg
  2. i really dont care for it for myself...but i like that h is thinking in a new direction for shoulder bags, and hooray for a wide strap...the shape of the bag just isnt ringing my bell.

    but of course JPG could rock a burlap sack and make it look all hotness.....and i wouldnt send back a barenia one if you dropped it at my doorstep, LOL!

    thank you for posting these pictures!!
  3. Oh no......

    Ive fallin in love.......those are great!!!!! The hand held did keep me far away from Hermes but now.....oh no......lol!

    Thank you for the pics!!!!!!!!
  4. Thank you for scanning! This bag is not for me but I do adore the Kelly So.
  5. Thanks for these pics. Always love to see new products from H!
  6. I believe that is the bag the guy customed designed. I can't think of his name at the moment. I only like it in croc.
    Thank for the pics--
  7. Depending on the size...I would want one. I think nothing looks worse than a man with a tiny messenger, but that's just my thought.
  8. I think Megs actually posted a whole thread with great pics of this in the blog. let me go find the link= BRB
  9. It's nice in croc.

    It isn't for me as I see it now. How about another shoulder bag that I can really love????!!!

    Thank you for sharing!
  10. Originally posted by Megs:

    1) 35cm Shiny Black pororus Croc Birkin with White Gold Hardware
    2) 22cm Chocolate Togo So Kelly with PHW (it's said that only Togo will be used in AW2008)
    3) 35cm Etoupe Togo Birkin with PHW
  11. Originally posted by Megs:

    4) Hermes Jipsy in Suede Crocodile ( it is unsure if this will make it in the actual production as it is not durable nor practical)
    5) 37cm Graphite Clemence Jipsy with PHW
    6) 34cm Parchmein Clemence Jipsy with PHW
  12. Originally posted by Megs:

    7 ) 34cm Vert Olive Clemence Jipsy with PHW
    8 ) Semi Matte Havanna Croc Porosus Hermes Kelly Pochette with PHW
    9 ) 50cm Graphite Clemence Birkin with PHW
  13. I like the idea of the Jipsy, but it may be too cumbersome for an everyday bag, at least for me.

    Thanks for sharing!
  14. I just love runway pictures! I have to say, I am SO glad Hermes is going neutral for fall. I don't care for the spring collection much. The whole India thing feels contrived to me, not authentic. Some of the bright colors also feel like Hermes was going along with the overall "fashion world trend" of BRIGHT colors for spring instead of leading!