David Yurman's Spiritual Beads

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  1. So I took the plunge and purchased my first piece of David Yurman. I bought a cable cuff, in 7mm with lemon citrine ends and yellow gold highlights. I know that alot of people have mixed feelings about paying alot of $$$ for a silver piece, and I agree it isn't cheap, but I really find this to be of great quality and a very simple, wearable design that so far, seems to go with alot of my bracelets.
    I purchased mine at Bloomie's and had opened a store card (which i had been meaning to do, I was just waiting for the right sale), so I also got it for 20% off plus I received a very good amount of rewards that I should be receiving within a month.
    I wanted to help my friend out, so I told her if she wanted to, I would pick up a DY bracelet for her as well. She asked me to pick up a spiritual beads bracelet. I had never noticed those before, and I quite liked the look of them.
    I am looking to purchase this one:
    What are people's thoughts about these? I do like the look, I have a decent Trollbeads collection and a small Pandora collection, so I think this would look quite nice stacked with the aforementioned and most likely any of the rest of my stuff.
    I read on here somewhere that someone listed his spiritual beads as not worth it because the clasp became faulty. Has anyone else had that problem? How is the durability of these bracelets?
    And modelling pics would be appreciated ;)
  2. I actually bought that bracelet a couple of years ago but returned it to buy a watch. I liked that it was an edgier version of the Tiffany beads. At the same time it also kind of wasn't as special? I think If you layer it with David yurman it will look nice. It's not a necessity to me but If you think you'll wear it a lot go for it. I also didn't like how the dangles got in my way. The matte male beads are actually really easy to make I made somethig very similar for my ex.
  3. Thanks for the input! The dangles may not bother me, but I am not sure about that and I would need to look into it.
    I can sorta make mala beads, but I like how this is on a silver chain that seems sturdier.
  4. I bought one a few years ago and returned it becauseI thought it was faulty - exchanged it for another. Same problem, so I bought something else instead. The bracelet kept loosening on my wrist - I had to keep tightening it all day. It was a design flaw.
  5. I have two. My favorite is the one with the pink pearls. So beautiful!! Anyway, I did have to exchange one once because the clasp broke. But I exchanged it at Bloomies, no problem.
  6. Hm. That is a concern. I will keep that in mind!
  7. Good to know. I see the clasp is a recurring issue. When you replaced it, did the new one do that as well?
  8. Hi,
    I have 2 of these bracelets. One is the 14mm onyx and hematite, and the other is the 8mm pearls and gold bracelet (same size as the one you're considering). I admit the 14mm does loosen throughout the day, maybe because of its weight? I'll look down at my wrist and have to tighten it every now and then, which is why I haven't worn it in a while. However, the 8mm is fine. No readjustment needed. That has been my experience. Hope it helps.
  9. Thank you for your input. My friend got the 14mm one, and when i see her later on today to give it to her i am going to ask for her feedback on it after she has worn it for awhile :smile:
  10. I love the look of these and would love to see some modelling pictures too xx
  11. I have the same exact one you posted. Bought it a few yrs ago. I have no problems at all. I wear it with the large DY link bracelet. Looks good stacked together. I bought it from a chain jewelry store in the mall. My bday is April and anniv is may so I had a $50 and $100 certificate that I used towards it. So I got it cheap. Too bad they no longer let you combine the certificates now.
  12. I asked my friend to send me some modeling pics. She did and i will post them soon!
  13. I am glad to hear that!
    I am excited to go back to bloomies and check out my next bracelet :smile:
  14. I bought one few years ago, it was very beautiful to see. But I had to exchange it because there was a problem in clasp.
  15. I have a non-designer spiritual bead bracelet in hematite. The clasp comes a little loose occasionally on mine as well. I think it's just the nature of the design.

    Lagos is also offering these types of bracelets now.