David Yurman

  1. Just wondering if the David Yurman pieces that were big a few years back, with the 18k and sterling mix are still very popular.
  2. I just purchased the smoky quartz oval ring! I Love DY still!
  3. David Yurman will be in for years to come.
  4. I have a small silver cross necklace with gold accents and I love it. I can't see it going out of style.
  5. I have a few DY pieces and I think that they look very classic. I am actually wearing my cookie pendant necklace today! I love his jewelry and believe it will be in style for years to come.
  6. DY is a jewelry staple IMO. Great everyday pieces that never go out of style.
  7. I have a DY ring that is silver and gold, I love it!
  8. Anything from DY is totally timeless in my view. His pieces are great investments.