David Yurman

  1. I've found a couple Yurman pieces I really like, one ring and one necklace - anyone have a favorite they can share? I'm thinking I may buy from NM.com but can't decide what to get...
  2. NMJ4738_mg.jpg



    I have the earrings, ring, and necklace in the Albion Collection, all in prasiolite. I have other small pieces too. Love Yurman :yahoo:
  3. I have a friend who just LOVES Yurman... is it worth it do you all think? It is somewhat pricey...
  4. I have the exact ring, my boyfriend got it for me for our anniversary and i love it!
  5. stllove - I love that set - it's sooo georgeous!

    I think it's worth the money, it's such a unique look, although there are quite a lot of fakes now...

    Here's what I've been wanting to buy:
  6. Thanks :yes: I got it for graduation / Valentine's Day and have gotten sooo much use. I love DY, some things are a little overpriced but just from my personal experiences I wear one or a few of my pieces almost every day! The only thing is that the silver needs cleaning constantly, it dirties very fast and I know it is supposed to be the look but sometimes it is just too dirty...Anyways, I LOVE that ring!! I think it makes a great statement and I would love to see it on! You must take a pic of your hand if you purchase it :love:
  7. I have the Ring & 10mm Bracelet in the Smoky Quartz color and I love them both! Definitely worth every penny :tender:
  8. wow that bracelet is fabulous - ok, maybe I need a bracelet too - it is all so pretty I can't decide!
  9. I am not a David Yurman fan - the look of his pieces do not attract me at all - I realize how most people love his stuff -I realize I am in the minority but I'm still looking for the piece I want to own.
  10. I truly love at least 75% of his pieces...I don't know - thay just "fit" my lifestyle. Not too big and trendy, not too small and lost on me. They coordinate without looking matchy-matchy. Both my parents and DH have given my DY gifts so he will always share a special place in my :heart:.
    Pricey but worth every penny if you love the look.

    The only thing I hate is: I have an older plain silver cuff bracelet (my first piece which I adore) and have gotten many questions asking if it was "one of those ionic bracelets"...:Push: At least that trend's over with now so I haven't heard it in awhile.
  11. Love DY, just ordered the CROSSOVER extra large loops for my daughter. Next a necklace and ring from the CROSSOVER collection.IMO, it is worth every pennt!
  12. I just recently got the David Yurman bug. I'm not a big fan of gold but have a few of the Silver Ice pieces. Love it.
  13. I have never been a big fan of DY...and I don't mean that in a negative way...it is just not really my style...so when I saw the DY bag on our recent anniversary...I was ready to pretend that I loved it. Turned out that I did, because it was 2 rose gold and 2 yellow gold diamond eternity rings!! I guess it doesn't matter who designs it...a girl just has to love getting diamonds!!!
  14. I have several Yurman pieces and love them all so you really can't go wrong with any choice; it just deoends on what piece you want to start with. I probably would decide on a matching set before buying any one piece and then as you add to your colection your pieces will compliment each other.

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