David yurman watch

  1. I saw a david yurman watch that I thought was really nice looking. Any of you have any DY watch and if so do you think it's worth the price?
  2. That's a really pretty watch! I'd want something with more diamonds on it though, for that price.
  3. I was thinking of this watch, but it cost $5100, ya'll think it's worth the price, I think it's beautiful watch.
  4. I'm a huge Yurman fan, I love their watches and jewelry! A David Yurman watch, just like a piece of Yurman jewlery is an investment. The price goes up with time and Yurman lasts forever! Great watch bhurry! have you tried looking on eBay? there is a lot of great deals on authentic Yurman on eBay.
  5. I have two of the Yurman watches (both from the Thoroughbred collection)and I love them. I have had one for two years and the other since this March. I haven't had problems with either. What I love about them is that I can dress them up or down so I can take one when I travel and it works for everything.