David Yurman Silver Ice Crossover Ring...turns yellow? HELP!

  1. Hey all...I just got the David Yurman Siver Ice Crossover Ring for Christmas and I wear it almost everyday and have noticed that it's starting to turn yellow already (Keep in mind that I do wash my hands wearing the ring)! Does anyone else own this ring and have the same problem?? Or is there something wrong with mine =( I haven't tried using silver cleaner yet, but am concerned that I will have to clean it often if this is a recurring problem =/ Any advice for me?? :s
  2. omg....I Bought my little sister that exact same ring and it has not turned her finger, uh not yet anyway!! I'm going to open up a thread to show everyone my 2 new rings. I just got a David Yurman Silver ice Oval shaped Diamond ring, 18k and it better not turn my finger. I will also show my new Stephen Dweck ring, which turned my finger dark green! I react to nickle easily!