David Yurman: Sales? or Outlets?

  1. hello. I was wondering if David Yurman has any sales through out the year... and if there are any other outlets besides the one in Sawgrass Mills (Ft Lauderdale, FL).

    Also if anyone lives there and knows whats in stock there...:graucho:
  2. DY participates in Bloomingdales charity events. There is one today. You can get 15% (maybe 20%) off. DY does not participate in Friends and Family events at Bloomies.

    I was wondering how there are so many DY things on eBay for less than retail. Are they fakes or is there some legitimate way the sellers are getting real stuff?
  3. The large Yurman sellers on eBay are able to purchase AUTHENTIC Yurman from secondary sources that are able to sell it at a discount. Yurman dealers, the same very reputable Yurman dealers that provide authentic Yurman to the Yurman outlets. This is relatively new, Yurman used to be like Vuitton in that you could not find it in outlets, etc at a discount and it was only available from Yurman retail stores, Saks, Bloomies, Neimans, and on eBay from individual sellers selling their own pieces. ebay is a great place to find great deals on Authentic Yurman. I have purchased a lot of authentic Yurman on ebay and dealt wit tons of honest and reliable Yurman sellers and got some fantastic deals! I am in the jewelry bussiness and am a long time collector of Yurman so this is how I now all this lol. When in doubt, go with a sellers with great feedback and ask questions.
  4. I have seen David Yurman many a time at Neiman Marcus Last Call too.
  5. thanks!