David Yurman/Saks

  1. has anyone ever seen any david yurman at loehmanns or anything like that? or off fifth?

    On a side note, does anyone have any online Saks coupons?

  2. Not Off Fifth but NM Outlet in Great Mall, Milpitas has a lot of newer DY pieces
  3. Is there any other place to buy DY at a discounted price, online perhaps?
  4. Yurman does charity sales and private sales, esp. at Bloomingdales and they have the best selection of Yurman. If you are on the list of the customers, you get a phone call from the counter and can buy Yurman at 15-20% off depending on the discount. Hope that helps.
  5. Not sure where you are located but last year at Woodbury Commons (outlet outside NYC) David Yurman had an outlet store there for just the holidays. I scored on a necklace.....I'm waiting to see if they will be there again this year.
  6. I've seen David Yurman pieces at off fifth in Vegas. The best place to buy Daivd Yurman is in the Caribbeans ( i.e. St. Thomas, USVI), always 10-15% off and tax free.
  7. thanks will remember that, :graucho:

  8. good to know i live in north jersey! thanks
  9. i remember dy at the commons on the holidays also-also at the woodbury commons i've seen pieces of dy at Neimans last call-it's so fun to share bargains-i love this site!
  10. Have you asked if you can purchase at discount on Friends and Family night at Saks? It is coming up this month and it may be included.

    There is also an outlet store in Sunrise, Florida. Maybe you could call there as well to see if a piece you want at any given time.
  11. I've seen Yurman at Off 5th in Orlando
  12. I remember that but I didn't bother going, I regret it. How much did your get your necklace for?

    I really hope they are doing it again this year.. I need some new pieces of jewelry and i absolutely love his stuff.
  13. hi effinhatue-have you ever found any good deals at the chanel at the commons
  14. Yurman also has a sample sale every December in NYC.
  15. The Off 5th at Potomac Mills in VA has two display shelves full of Yurman. Wasn't discounted much, though, as I saw a Yurman necklace similar to one my husband bought me retail a couple of years ago, and it wasn't more than $100 less.